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  1. Nick

    1. d.elliott


      tried to send a pm but your inbox must be full, got the stuff, many thanks, any chance of the screws we discussed?

  2. Stephen, just seen this message, am I sent this by accident?

    cheers Dave

  3. no problems, spread away.


  4. Have now got paypal on my email address I also took delivery of gold on white daisy this week. still interested?

  5. Wes,

    I did respond.

    I don't normally use paypal as there is a surcharge to me of 5%, however this is cheaper than 30 $US.

    If you want to go down this route, as long as the funds are in £GB as the currency, I feel sure we can work it through.


  6. People who order larger quantities (ie repairers or manufacturers) I absorb postage, otherwise it's £12:00/ set.

    The A4 sheets are white papers, dull glossed, with the dot & cross pattern in gold.

    Payment from the states I can provide an IBAN number, Money in £GBP. there is a £6.00 surcharge levied on me for receiving funds from abroad so cost is £18:00.or...

  7. Wes, I don't use c net too much these days, and I cannot remember if I answered you question, but it's £12.00 set for 6 fold, £10.00 aset discounted to 'trade' are you interested?


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