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    ENGLISH System: including: Bass; Baritone; Treble; Miniature

    All forms of Concertina playing, but also Repair and Restoration. like to provide help & assistance as needed.

    I give talks and run workshops on repair and resoration

    Male Voice Choir Singing, West Gallery Singing & Shape Note Singing

    Traditional Music, Concertinal Band Playing
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    Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

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  1. People who order larger quantities (ie repairers or manufacturers) I absorb postage, otherwise it's £12:00/ set.

    The A4 sheets are white papers, dull glossed, with the dot & cross pattern in gold.

    Payment from the states I can provide an IBAN number, Money in £GBP. there is a £6.00 surcharge levied on me for receiving funds from abroad so cost is £18:00.or...

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