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  1. Hey forum! My first post here – I'm awaiting the arrival of my first concertina from Dublin (to Australia), and finding ways to pass the time. To get up to speed faster I've thrown together some flash cards to help me get my head around the keys, and thought I'd put them here in case they were useful to others. Here's a link to the zip, containing versions for the Studies app (which I made them in, has a good iPhone version), and Anki (a popular free flash cards app), as well as PDFs for printing. Separated into just the most-used 24 notes, and the full set. https://drop.michael.tyson.id.au/1631051344/Wheatstone-CG-Layout-Flash-Cards.zip Also, a map of the layout with the notes shown on a stave, and connections shown between alternative keys, so I can start getting my head around cross-rowing. Anglo Wheatstone CG Layout.pdf ...And, a mnemonic I figured out for remembering the layout: Push LH T Push: Embarrassed Anarchist Cuddles# A Granny# (C and G are sharp) RH T Push: Cancelling# Affection, Granny# Curses# Abominably (C and G are sharp) LH C Push: Cursing Granny Can’t Eat Grapes RH C Push: Can’t Eat Grapes: Cancel Everything LH G Push: Beware Dentures, Granny Brings Disaster RH G Push: Granny’s Bitey Dentures Get Boisterous Pull LH T Pull: Flatulent Badgers♭ Discharged# Germs Boldly♭ (B is flat, D is sharp) RH T Pull: Discharged# Germs Busily♭ Developed# Finance (B is flat, D is sharp) LH C Pull: Germ Bankers Don’t Fund Antibiotics RH C Pull: Biologists Don’t Find Any Bias LH G Pull: A F#ACE LH G Pull: F#ACE (of)F# Who knows if it'll actually help, but at least I feel like I'm doing something 😁
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