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  1. If your talking about English concertinas in May 2007 there was a extensive thread on the subject. Everything you always wanted to know about English concertinas....... Especially posts by Jim Lucas and Geoffrey Crabb were very informative: Jim's: http://www.concertin...indpost&p=54855 Geoff's: http://www.concertin...indpost&p=54904 And some more explanations about the english sytem by Geoffrey Crab are to be found here: http://www.concertin...ndpost&p=110084
  2. The principle applies universally. When I moved from Somerset (England) to Napier (NZ) I was amused to discover that everything Somerset folk used to say about Londoners still applied in Napier if you used 'Aucklander' instead... Hey there, I'm NOT from Amsterdam!!
  3. Danny Profrat spotted that one before: http://www.concertin...?showtopic=7662
  4. It's in an additional menu below "Search in section..." This menu only pops up when you select "Search in section".... 'Forums'.
  5. What I think is "crazy" is thinking there's only one reasonable way to do it. . . . . . . "Levy's fingering seemed crazy to me, and still does." That doesn't imply he thinks his way is the only reasonable one. He just can't imagine that Levy's way could work for him. That's what I read.
  6. the poem: http://www.concertin...findpost&p=8301 the topic (by Lisa Wirth):http://www.concertin...p?showtopic=892
  7. A work around is using the search function at the upper right of the page: The trick is in the little grey wheel right from the green magnifying glass. Clicking that one gives you the screen for all the search options you want. Copy the member's name in the Find Author field; Choose: Search in section: "Forums"; Choose: Display results "as posts"; Search now. Search results seem to be limited to a maximum of 200. So for example Ratface's posts (384) go back no further than July 2008. But redoing the search using the date fields (from January 2004 to July 2008) reveals the earlier posts as well. The date fields don't go further back than 2004. Was that the year this (new) forum started? Leonard.
  8. This is interesting because it is the balance of tone and volume of the edeophone that Mr. Wakker cited as his reason for preferring them to Aeolas, as I recall. He felt that the 12 sided shape of the edeophone was largley responsible for this. At least it's about reed quality as well. Here's what he said in a thread about Æola-Edeophone-comparison back in 2007: Edited to add his answer to Bill Christ
  9. Stormy Wheather: http://www.box.net/shared/a8nk2ksyh1 Russian tune: http://www.box.net/shared/nj17mmauus Tango, Last Sunday: http://www.box.net/shared/3n4xnenpl4 J.S. Bach, Polonaise: http://www.box.net/shared/jcod7rmakc
  10. Parson's Farewell Cornell-Compendium.pdf
  11. A hardcopy is for sale on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.co.u...1#ht_741wt_1140
  12. Informative article on the non forum part of concertina.net: "So You Think You Want to Buy a Duet Concertina?" http://www.concertin..._duetguide.html By Ivan Viehoff (January 2005)
  13. Wasn't it Charley Brown who said: "I need all the friends I can get"?
  14. [whisper] Don't tell them about the magic. When your consistent in thinking you know that once they listened carefully to the sound and felt the intimate character of the instrument, they'll stuff their concertinas in the damp corner of their attics. Let's just enhance their greed, so they sell all their concertinas at eBay where we can buy them for half the price they hope for. [/whisper] Funny man, Dirge. For the OP: two weeks ago there was a similar one on eBay. Sold for just over £600: http://cgi.ebay.co.u...#ht_1066wt_1138
  15. Some people get nervous when you try to explain what's so beautiful about your wife's eyes. They prefer to hear what's her income. That doesn't necessarily make them worse lovers, though....
  16. By the Fayre Four Sisters. It's on Alan Day's "English International". To me it's more a curiosity than music.
  17. Works for me... Same here - no problem with it all. How wierd. The original link works for me now. Must have had a gremlin that night. BTW, why does it replace 'co' in the url with two dots, following 'add reply'? Anyone know? To prevent further thread drift I reacted in the 'Forum Question' forum: http://www.concertin...ndpost&p=116631
  18. Works for me... Same here - no problem with it all. How wierd. The original link works for me now. Must have had a gremlin that night. BTW, why does it replace 'co' in the url with two dots, following 'add reply'? Anyone know? Hallo Chris, Not only following 'add reply', but also in the text in the post. And not only this link. For the sake of readability any link name in this forum is shortened when it's more than say 40 characters. But it's only the "name" of a link (as appears blue and underlined in the text) that is shortened. The actual link (URL or link address) isn't. You can check that by right clicking the link and choose 'copy link address'; paste it somewhere else to see it's not shortened. That's how I found out, that there was a dot at the end of the link address of the original link. Does this answer your question?
  19. For me practising every day for almost five years now was a real effort, but a enjoyable one.
  20. Wim Wakker offers Hayden Duets (46, 65 keys) with traditional concertinareeds: http://www.wakker-concertinas.com/ Waiting list: 2-3 years.
  21. That lachenal was recently discussed here on C.net
  22. You included a dot at the end of the URL in the link. This should work: http://www.sparepart....uk/SPTunes.php
  23. I use Jens Wollschläger's ABC-Transposer : http://www.8ung.at/abctransposer/
  24. Format Factory converts nearly anything to anything: http://format-factory.en.softonic.com/
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