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  1. Oh, he knows. =) Here he explains why: http://www.concertin...nique/index.htm
  2. Or this: Not as slow as Red Red Rose, but at a gentle speed and with a great rythm section.
  3. http://www.concertin...?showtopic=9943
  4. Hallo David, No suggestions for teachers, but welcome to concertina world and C.net. Leonard
  5. I assume you mean replacing the reeds in a 1st edition rochelle with the cagnoni reeds... It won't work. The dimensions of the Cagnoni reeds are different. You also need to replace the reed blocks. Wim Wakker And does the Rochelle trade in / upgrade program also include an upgrade from a 1st edition to a 2nd edition Rochelle?
  6. Keep posting, Thomas. I like your contributions to this site.
  7. Congratulations, Fernando. I was tempted by this offer as well. Glad it went to someone who loves to play it!! Looking forward to your video.
  8. No BBC iPlayer for us in the Netherlands. Was it the same as this one on youTube? My impression is that the instruments blending so well is due to these musicians listening to each other so well.
  9. That one is from Amherst, MA, USA Not by Leo's rules, as he explained a few weeks ago: http://www.concertin...ndpost&p=118523
  10. Welcome from the Workbench to this forum.... You seem to be less new to the concertina than you are to this forum. Would you mind introducing yourself? Leonard.
  11. Aha. Exposed as a speculating collector preventing beautiful instruments from being played!!
  12. Moreover, missing the right hand side!!
  13. Wheatstone #26546: Nov. 1914, Model 19A, Æola tenor-treble, 64 keys, nickel ends. £ 2,200 seems a bargain. Even if it needs a lot of work.
  14. For all you dancers: Between the music sheets of the collection there are 4 pages of Hornpipe dance instructions from 1910. "the steps recorded by Miss A.M. Cowper Coles" The Hornpipe
  15. The whole collection in one PDF file: Kathleen Seabrook Collection Anyone tried any of the tunes yet?
  16. I've disabled the link to Alan's Kathleen Seabrook Collection for privacy reasons. (Alan personal email address was visible on that site.) I'll publish this collection in an other way.
  17. Hallo Al, I've collected your scans and gave them a place on the Internet. They can be viewed here: http://www.box.net/shared/oz5nlc75ip (Edited to give the correct link.)
  18. Once must be the first time.... But which forum, which topic title? This one has a more catching title, the other one is more informative. Being a moderator is full of dilemmas!! Earliest date/time??? Thanks Leo The least thread drift??
  19. Once must be the first time.... But which forum, which topic title? This one has a more catching title, the other one is more informative. Being a moderator is full of dilemmas!!
  20. You could not do better than contacting Chris via his website: http://www.concertina.co.uk/uk Good luck. http://www.concertina.co.uk
  21. It really looks impressive. Is special attention for the outside an indication for special inside quality: better reeds, action? How is quality of 1938 instruments compared to those from the earlier "golden period"?
  22. 31-6-38: Start or planning date for production 20B: Model number. The pricelists don't show a model 20B, but model 20 is a 48 keys Æola Baritone, 20A is 56 keys Æola Baritone. 20B: Æola Baritone with 60 keys? Amb: Amboyna. The wood used to finish the sides of the ends. GP ends: Gold plated metal ends. Gold 60 keys + fit: keys and fitting (fingerplate + visible metal on the thumb strap) gold plated as well. 13-8-38: Production finished. 35061: Serial number.
  23. Geoff, I always appreciated your sharing your knowledge and experience. Glad you reconsidered your decision. Leonard
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