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  1. Ther is a Belinda Waltz on Masters Of The Concertina - Gordon Cutty & Tommy Williams. The same rendition? A 40 seconds impression on CDuniverse.com. Track 27.
  2. There is a new video from Theodore Kloba, C.net member with the "other" concertina. Not yet spotted here, is it? End of Summer Waltz - Theodore Kloba
  3. And see the great diagrams by William Meredith for where to find the chords on your concertina: (Click to enlarge) For further elucidation see WM's article at "the other side" of C.net: http://www.concertin...ish_chords.html
  4. You don't need a smartphone or a screenshot to see the difference: Scroll down on the page you're looking at to the bottom left. There you can choose between "IP.Board" and "IP.Board Mobile". If your signed in on C.net your last choice will be remembered in your account. After using the Mobile mode on my phone, my browser shows the Mobile mode on my PC as well.
  5. Simon Thoumire does that in slower tunes: just to colour the character of the sound, especially for longer notes at the end of the line. For example: As a more obvious effect in And in an more delicate way in (well recognizable in 0:37 - 0:42) As I just learned in this thread technically this is tremolo, but its musical function is very comparable to vibrato on other instruments; on a violin for instance.
  6. And this is what is going on in Leonie's world: new generation's Boeremusiek!
  7. Have you seen Henrik Müller's Slide Engine? http://www.concertinamatters.se/
  8. This one? http://cgi.ebay.co.u...a-/260813135724
  9. http://www.abrsm.org/students/speedshifter
  10. What is Hallelujah Al doing there in front of Alan Day's camera? Anyway, it's the same room, isn't it?
  11. My solution as well. I don't remember the price, but it wasn't much.
  12. Short for Cecilia, patron saint of musicians? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cecilia http://www.wga.hu/fr.../1/cecilia.html In the Netherlands lots of brass bands, choirs and so on established in the late 19th and early 20th century are called St.Cecilia or St. Caecilia.
  13. And you cannot edit the post title. Great to welcome you as a C.net member!
  14. Oh, he knows. =) Here he explains why: http://www.concertin...nique/index.htm
  15. Or this: Not as slow as Red Red Rose, but at a gentle speed and with a great rythm section.
  16. http://www.concertin...?showtopic=9943
  17. Hallo David, No suggestions for teachers, but welcome to concertina world and C.net. Leonard
  18. I assume you mean replacing the reeds in a 1st edition rochelle with the cagnoni reeds... It won't work. The dimensions of the Cagnoni reeds are different. You also need to replace the reed blocks. Wim Wakker And does the Rochelle trade in / upgrade program also include an upgrade from a 1st edition to a 2nd edition Rochelle?
  19. Keep posting, Thomas. I like your contributions to this site.
  20. Congratulations, Fernando. I was tempted by this offer as well. Glad it went to someone who loves to play it!! Looking forward to your video.
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