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  1. Not true. Anyone can read all arguments. So no sides excluded.
  2. Do you have a so called 'Mallet finger'? I had that once. See my reply to a comparable question in 2009: https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/8921-now-is-the-winter-of-my-discontent/&do=findComment&comment=88386
  3. English system, 40 buttons... Leaving out the higher notes, compared to the standard 48 buttons?
  4. This video was uploaded to YouTube in May 2013. https://youtu.be/T15Yjz9hRJM
  5. Lots of other genres than ITM are played on Anglo. Since you are already familiar with the Anglo why not explore these? I'm not convinced you're better served switching to another system.
  6. The URL in your link is 'http://http/www.scatesconcertinas.com' Should be http://www.scatesconcertinas.com
  7. Buy this one was posted a few days earlier.?
  8. The two instruments blend together in a beautiful way. And the drones of the pipes combined with the rythmic playing on the concertina slighty gives the music a hurdy gurdy feeling as well. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Google translate: "I am doing here and myself from Ukraine" I suppose this means: I live/work in Prague, but I am from Ukraine.
  10. Niki is writing in Ukrainian. According to his profile he's in Prague.
  11. Google translate: "I'm not a scumbag, I'm an honest man do not have to offend" "My price is $ 6,000"
  12. Even before anyone complaint? No apologies to accept...
  13. What makes you selling out, Mike?
  14. Looks to me like a German concertina, with the wooden levers and all.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UkLHuR18QY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtzK8Q3VyJ8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N9x4BvQOQQ
  16. Another mystery solved.... In 2006 C.net member Cream-T posted this tune, calling it 'Belgian Breakfast', but asking for the correct title. I played the tune for a while back then, and now I recognized Jim's rendition on Soundcloud. .......... Here's the abc from (my quite probably slightly flawed) memory. If someone knows the real title and composer, I'd be very grateful. Thanks! X:1 T:Belgian Breakfast - real title unknown S:Sidmouth Ethno England workshop C:unknown L:1/8 M:6/8 K:G treble % B2E B2E | cBA B2E | FGA AGF | AGF G2E|\ B2E B2E | cBA B2E | FGA FGA | FGF E3 :| EFG B,zB,| EFG CzC | EFG DzD | AGF G2F|\ EFG B,zB,| EFG CzC | EFG DzD | AGF E3:| Here's the original post. Cream-T hasn't been seen on C.net since 2009....
  17. Thanks Alan, I really enjoy your playing those french tunes! And how beautiful that slow countermelody (it that what it's called?) in Mazurka Lapleau... Leonard.
  18. Hallo Dirge, to add my contribution: The file size is determined by the settings the last time you export it. In your case that seems to be exporting from Audicity. The most important settings are the sample rate (to compare with the resolution in picture = how many pixels) and the bit rate what determines how much compression is used while making the file. The settings in Audicity are to be found in the menu under preferences. In the pop-up menu there are several tabs, but "Quality" and "File Formats" are the ones you need. They look like this: Here the default sample rate is in my case 44100 Hz (or 44.1kHz). For your Debussy piece this was set to the lowest possible value: 11025Hz Here under MP3 Export setup the bit rate is in my case set to 128 (kbps). For your Debussy piece this was set to 32. So I'd suggest you set these values as they were for your Debussy piece (sample rate 11025Hz, bit rate 32) and see if this gives the required result. Hope this visualisation clarifies.
  19. As a PDF download from Alex or in hard copy by post if there are any left. Roger Gawley has a point though, the book was written with diatonic button accordions in mind. Some of that (very little really) transfers to the anglo but precious little to the English. If you just love pretty music books and you're happy with the melody alone however ... Should I summon her to answer your plea? Pete. All of the information is at http://accordeonaire...c-liaisons.html Thanks.
  20. It's available as a PDF download on free-reed.co.uk: http://www.free-reed...tinaworkhop.pdf
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