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  1. The latter indeed. When you look at mac ponc's profile the block "recent profile visitors" shows no name, but only the message that it's disabled. The same in the JimLucas profile. But for example alex_holden's recent visitors block shows how many profile views there have been and the list of the most recent visitors. In my profile this block is enabled as well.
  2. Thanks. After a better look indeed I see lever slots on both sides on the OP's pictures.
  3. The pictures, both from the OP and from Takayuki, shows the slot for an air lever on the left hand side.?
  4. I use this, more simple, one: {::} }}}} }
  5. Here is a clearer view of the same band. These bags don't look that sophisticated.
  6. Have you seen this post in the Concertina History forum?
  7. Here's the video directly from YouTube:
  8. This is hijacking Stephens original post. Better start a new post about fabrics and leave this one for the question: who want to sell or make a case for Stephens 82b. McCann.
  9. What is this concertina you're working on? Are these glass buttons?
  10. It's the batch number. On other places in the ledgers the batch number has it's own column. It's the number that in the production process is used to mark all the parts of a certain concertina.
  11. Win Wakker of Concertina Connection wrote a great explanation about the airflow in our Concertinas: http://www.concertinaconnection.com/about_ airflow.htm
  12. This question by Accordian is posted twice. I suggest to concentrate all reactions to the other "making a 40 button Anglo". So this one can be deleted when it's discovered by Paul or Ken.
  13. Great to see so much practical knowledge gathered here, over and over again....
  14. In the member section I found 282 posts by Göran. That's gives me the impression that none of his posts are deleted. But you're right, enough said about this...
  15. No. I mean these arguments stopped the moment Göran was no longer a C.net member, and all that's was written is to be read in the archives.
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