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  1. #28790 is a Baritone (model 20a), not a Tenor-Treble (model 19). See the pricelist from that period: http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/wheatstone-english/Wh-Pricelist-Eng-c1918.pdf
  2. http://www.concertina.com/eydmann/thoumire-technique/index.htm Simon's own comment on the subject in 2005.
  3. This one is coming close isn't it? X:130 T:Tarantella M:6/8 L:1/8 R: K:Amin EAB|c2c dcB|c2c ABc|B2B dcB|A3 EAB| c2c dcB|c2c ABc|B2B dcB|A3:| |:a2a|e2e a2a|e2e ede|f2f fgf|e3 efe| d2d ded|c2c cdc|B2B dcB|A3:| K:C |:GAB|cBc ece|g2g gag|f2f fgf|e3 GAB| cBc ece|g2g gag|bag fed| c3:|
  4. Hi Pierre, Dowright who knows all about manufacturing dates of our Lachenal concertinas is building a database. He will be interested in all the features of your concertina: system, used materials, number of buttons, number of bellow folds, etc. Quid pro quo.
  5. On the far left (with glasses) on is Rob Harbron. Opposite to him is fiddle player Sam Sweeney. Together with Andy Cutting they are "Leveret".
  6. Visible for me. I'm not on Facebook. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Beautiful! Danny, do you mind me using this to congratulate friends of mine?
  8. The latter indeed. When you look at mac ponc's profile the block "recent profile visitors" shows no name, but only the message that it's disabled. The same in the JimLucas profile. But for example alex_holden's recent visitors block shows how many profile views there have been and the list of the most recent visitors. In my profile this block is enabled as well.
  9. Thanks. After a better look indeed I see lever slots on both sides on the OP's pictures.
  10. The pictures, both from the OP and from Takayuki, shows the slot for an air lever on the left hand side.?
  11. I use this, more simple, one: {::} }}}} }
  12. Here is a clearer view of the same band. These bags don't look that sophisticated.
  13. Have you seen this post in the Concertina History forum?
  14. Here's the video directly from YouTube:
  15. This is hijacking Stephens original post. Better start a new post about fabrics and leave this one for the question: who want to sell or make a case for Stephens 82b. McCann.
  16. What is this concertina you're working on? Are these glass buttons?
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