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  1. In Utrecht, Netherlands, is a museum specialised in such automatic musical instruments. On their website (in dutch) is a movie of the Polyphon, a jukebox-variation of the Symposion: http://www.museumspeelklok.nl/speelklok/nl...ection_hi.html# Follow the link "polyphon platenwisselaar 1895"
  2. An excelsior sold by someone in Germany about a month ago: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290035440099
  3. In the description on ebay Chris already gave his answer: "I am only putting this on eBay because I have recently bought another two or three of them and have too many in stock."
  4. He tried, but that was followed by a last second snipe. Instrument sold for USD 5,350.00 !!!!!
  5. (This is my first post. Last januari I bought my Lachenal EC from Chris Algar. Since then I've been reading a lot in this forum. Thanks a lot, all of you, for all the invaluable information and the good atmosphere in which you (we?) share the joy of playing concertina.) Last weekend I finished my 3,5 mm leather case. Chris gave me a gigbag, but a case like this does my new treasure more honour, I'd say. I followed a Wheatstone instruction I found, quoted by Stephen Chambers in another topic on this subject: "The corners, with number and name label, point to the bottom of case, and the thumb strap buttons flat to the back. This position is most beneficial, as it tends to keep the valves in proper place, and the instrument in good order." Leonard
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