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  1. Rereading the topic "The Different Types of English" I found another variable that can determine the difference between the Tenor and the Tenor-Treble: the position of the keys in relation to the thumb-strap. In that topic Jim explained the difference between the Baritone and the Baritone-Treble: So on a Baritone-treble is the position of middle C, like on a Treble, in line with the middle of the left-hand thumb strap. On a Baritone is that the position for C below middle C. A 48K treble extended down to Baritone-range needs 14 extra keys at the lower end. So a standard Baritone-Treble has 62 keys. I suppose, that a 56K BT has its keys in the same position as the 62K BT, but omitting the highest 6 keys. And according to the wheatstone-pricelist-1935 a 64K BT is extended at the lower end with 2 keys to F (that's what Jim is referring at in the quote above) My assumption for the Tenor(-Treble): As the Baritone is a octave lower then the Treble, the Tenor is a fifth lower. The Tenor-Treble has its middle C in the middle of the left-hand thumb strap, just like the Treble, and is extended down to C below middle C. That needs 8 keys, what makes a "standard" Tenor-Treble a 56K instrument. A "true" Tenor with 48 keys, has its F below middle C in the middle of the left-hand thumb strap, where the Treble has its middle C. On a 48 key TT is the position of the keys like on the 56K TT, but omitting the higher 8 keys. So in comparison with a 48K "true" Tenor, on a 48K TT all the keys are shifted one position to lower end. The 48K Tenor-Treble from the start of the topic, is, according to the Horniman ledgers a model 6E. According to the wheatstone-pricelist-1956 is model 6E a 48K TT. On the picture of the left-hand side you can see, that the keys in comparison with a 48K Treble are shifted one position to the low side: next to the middle of the thumb strap are not F# and F, but C# and C. This makes me believe that the discriminating difference between a Tenor and Tenor-Treble (as between a Baritone and a Baritone-Treble) is the position of the middle C key in relation to the thumb strap. What do you think? Leonard
  2. Steve, Thanks for this; I stand corrected. However, the range should still be from C, not from E. John I'm still puzzled about model 6E, the 48 key tenor-treble: What's the difference between a tenor and a 48 key tenor-treble? Is a tenor in the key of F (with a Bflat in the middle rows)? Leonard
  3. Try 156 on the numeric pad, while ALT-key depressed....
  4. David's original listing:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=280150193536
  5. Congratulations. Enjoy! Soundfile? Pictures?
  6. My Lachenal Non-Pareille has also a F instead of the G#, and the D# next to that is replaced by an Eb. Not so logical, but so far I never missed those G# and D#.
  7. At the bottom of this page: "board statistics"
  8. No easy way to fool Pandora: they check by IP address.
  9. I take that as a compliment. "Instrument one" is mine now. I'm very excited, I could buy a New Model from this trustworthy seller for the bargain price of GBP 700.
  10. In the concertinagroup on Youtube there is a man called Warren Fahey telling about the anglo in Bush dance Music: His website: http://www.warrenfahey.com/
  11. Here's the link to that single action tenor on Ebay. Auction ended early.
  12. In Utrecht, Netherlands, is a museum specialised in such automatic musical instruments. On their website (in dutch) is a movie of the Polyphon, a jukebox-variation of the Symposion: http://www.museumspeelklok.nl/speelklok/nl...ection_hi.html# Follow the link "polyphon platenwisselaar 1895"
  13. An excelsior sold by someone in Germany about a month ago: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=290035440099
  14. In the description on ebay Chris already gave his answer: "I am only putting this on eBay because I have recently bought another two or three of them and have too many in stock."
  15. He tried, but that was followed by a last second snipe. Instrument sold for USD 5,350.00 !!!!!
  16. (This is my first post. Last januari I bought my Lachenal EC from Chris Algar. Since then I've been reading a lot in this forum. Thanks a lot, all of you, for all the invaluable information and the good atmosphere in which you (we?) share the joy of playing concertina.) Last weekend I finished my 3,5 mm leather case. Chris gave me a gigbag, but a case like this does my new treasure more honour, I'd say. I followed a Wheatstone instruction I found, quoted by Stephen Chambers in another topic on this subject: "The corners, with number and name label, point to the bottom of case, and the thumb strap buttons flat to the back. This position is most beneficial, as it tends to keep the valves in proper place, and the instrument in good order." Leonard
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