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  1. Great plan!


    Here is an ABC version of your Steve's scores for myself and others who prefer this format.

    I took the liberty to change a bit in the notation of the first and second repeats, for readability.



    T:Croissants and Coffee Waltz
    C:Alan Day

    Z: Leonard van der Laan 30/01/2023
    N:(based on the scores by Steve Schulteis,

    N:published on concertina.net 29/01/2023)
    E|: EAf |"C" e3 |"G/B" d>ed |"Am" c2E | EAd |"Dm" B3 |"F" f>ed |"G" B2E | 
    EAd |"Dm" B3- |"G" B3- | Bdd- | deG |"C" cee |"G"(3d/e/d/cB |1"C" c2 E:|2"C" c2c | 
    |:"C" cde |"F" f3 | fga | "G"d2d | def |"C" g>eg |"G/B" ede |"Am" c3 | 
    cde |"F" f3 | d2c |"G" BcB | GAB |1"C" c3- |"G" d3 |"C" ege :|2"C" cee |"G"(3d/e/d/cB |"C" c2|] 


    And now I'm off to play the tune, and to find a way to record it in time....


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  2. 18 hours ago, Richard Mellish said:

    I suspect that most of the players who don't post here don't come here at all, so won't see that request.

    The world might be bigger than you think.

    At this very moment, under "Who's on line", there are 4 members but also 48 guests!

    And for myself I am a daily visitor here and member since 2005. Every now and then I give my reaction to posts of others, but never showed much of myself.

    I do feel invited by Alan's initiative. I'll try to record some of my music to say hello for the 2nd WCD.

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  3. On 10/6/2022 at 10:45 AM, James Fitton said:

    That's lovely, thank you. I'm not sure I've ever heard a bagpipe/concertina duet before, but I really liked this. It's unusual (to my ears) but definitely worked for me.


    Thomas posted more bagpipe-concertina-tunes here:




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  4. 9 hours ago, SIMON GABRIELOW said:


    Sometimes I often feel that people can forget the potential neutral approach.......

    and they can become to fixated..... and I feel they can forget to get on with playing the instruments.....

    fretting instead over......

    But See the instruments also as needing playing; get on with enjoying your music.....

     .......fret no more - Get on and play your tunes; enjoy it !..



    Who are you talking about?

    I'm not pleased with the contradistinction (is this the right word in English?) you suggest.

    I love my instrument for the music it let me play. That's what I do at home, with and without people around me.

    But I also love my tina for its looks, for its history, for its construction, for its place in its family of instruments.

    And I am fond of this community of experts and enthusiasts who share their love for and their knowledge of our concertinas in all its aspects. That's not fretting!

    And now I turn off my computer and go and play me a tune.



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  5. 12 hours ago, DickT said:

    Mystery solved.


    On 11 Aug David Robertson mentioned a serial number query from June 2019 for a 56 key ET Edeophone. He now has a 48 on his bench with the same serial no. ....

    It was Dave Elliott's bench, not David Robertson's.

  6. On 7/18/2022 at 9:21 AM, Richard Mellish said:

    The discussion of Lachenal 2277 "AG Duet"

    suggested that it had probably been made about 1904 and numbered in the McCann series before that was merged with the Crane series. However what is at present the last posting on that thread ( Sprunghub, Posted April 24, 2021) refers to a 'Date my Lachenal' thread which is "14 pages long". I have found two similar threads, this one, which is only two pages, and

     which is only a single page. If someone can point me to the 14 page one that might pin down the date of 2277 a bit closer.


    The thread you are looking for is in the "Concertina History" subforum:


  7. If you want to know what that  focus on this site is, take a look at 

    But over the years there were quite some topics about instruments like yours. You can do a search here on concertina.net for "Pearl Queen".

    More information about these concertinas is to be found on https://concertinamusic.com.

    But as Mike said, don't go away.

    Share with us the history and some pictures of this old instrument.



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