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  1. 12 hours ago, DickT said:

    Mystery solved.


    On 11 Aug David Robertson mentioned a serial number query from June 2019 for a 56 key ET Edeophone. He now has a 48 on his bench with the same serial no. ....

    It was Dave Elliott's bench, not David Robertson's.

  2. On 7/18/2022 at 9:21 AM, Richard Mellish said:

    The discussion of Lachenal 2277 "AG Duet"

    suggested that it had probably been made about 1904 and numbered in the McCann series before that was merged with the Crane series. However what is at present the last posting on that thread ( Sprunghub, Posted April 24, 2021) refers to a 'Date my Lachenal' thread which is "14 pages long". I have found two similar threads, this one, which is only two pages, and

     which is only a single page. If someone can point me to the 14 page one that might pin down the date of 2277 a bit closer.


    The thread you are looking for is in the "Concertina History" subforum:


  3. If you want to know what that  focus on this site is, take a look at 

    But over the years there were quite some topics about instruments like yours. You can do a search here on concertina.net for "Pearl Queen".

    More information about these concertinas is to be found on https://concertinamusic.com.

    But as Mike said, don't go away.

    Share with us the history and some pictures of this old instrument.



  4. On 7/5/2022 at 7:56 AM, Geoff Wooff said:

    Al,   should  this  not  read     '32 bars  long'   ?

    Alan was just testing the audience.

    Anyway, I didn't notice .....

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  5. 8 hours ago, Alan Day said:

    A fairly simple tune made difficult that I could only use two fingers (and a thumb) on my right hand due to "Mallet Finger"  A broken ligament and a cracked bone in my finger. It will take about three months to heal. 

    A lovely tune from a song made famous by The Copper Family of Sussex.


    Ouch, a mallet finger. I had that once.

    How did it happen? At least 2 members of C.net got it by taking their sock off...

    On 11/24/2014 at 3:29 PM, adrian brown said:


    Now it's my turn :-( Only consolation is to know I'm not the first with a problem taking socks off... It happened already 10 days ago and I just ignored it and even managed to play 2 concerts last week. But a visit to the doctor this morning was very bad news, seems 6-8 weeks with my middle finger permanently in a splint and then some re-education. Luckily it's a quiet period for us and I've only had to cancel one concert.


    Just remember all of you, how dangerous socks can be...

    Looks like it's going to be bass runs for me for 6 weeks...




  6. Fred explained what he's after:

    9 hours ago, fred v said:

    My brain now senses the feel of the plate and has made my touch much lighter. As I play more I will soon begin to do things like sliding a finger from one button to another with much greater ease and speed. I eagerly await all the benefits of doing this modification.

    It's about the nature of the contact between fingers and keys.


      Henrik Muller's article Fred refers to states about his shorter buttons:

    "Having shorter buttons that depress all the way, flush with the end plate, had more impact than I could have expected. Traditional Irish music has a lot of repeated notes, and to preserve the flow of the tune, they need to be performed by switching fingers; deep buttons go a long way in facilitating this."

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