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  1. Her indoors says I never put it down long enough for anyone to nick it. (Try nicking anything from a Yorkshireman!!)
  2. Now did the tattoo say LUDO or LLANDUDNO?
  3. Mark was showing another photo around at Dungworth. It was a postcard picture of Heywood band and the message on the back said "Meet at the band room at 11.30pm to start playing at midnight". They were keen then - was it after work or were they practising ready to set off for a competition?.
  4. There will be half a dozen or so from the Royal Hotel, Dungworth contingency attending. See you in the pub!
  5. Elephants with either bellows bodies or bellows trunks? - now that would be a good idea for a concertina tattoo!
  6. DH - yes, I record around 6 hours of folk a week and listen to it in the car (its good stress-relief). With this, and the Radio Ballads, we folkies have certainly had (some of) our License-fees worth this year.
  7. Just listening to it in the car this morning - the programme is brilliant - it is a "must hear" for all folkies!!!
  8. You are using the correct fingering (as you would also use in similar tunes like the Gold Ring). It is only a matter of slow practise and will come with time - it is worth persevering with. It is also worth finding tunes that go down that end for practise, or transpose some tunes you know so you have to use low notes. Use of the pinky is also useful for playing bass runs (if you are into playing chords or harmony).
  9. It is worth the trip to get to the fortnightly meeting at the Royal Hotel at Dungworth nr Sheffield. Generally between eight and a dozen anglos, playing a fair bit of Irish and very welcoming and helpful to beginners (the group is half beginners and half decent players and we make sure everyone gets a chance to play).
  10. Being a bit "long in the tooth", I am looking for protection against vampers. Are wooden stakes, silver bullets, garlic or crucifixes best?
  11. The classic episode was when Lionel Blair tried to convey "A Town like Alice" by taking on the character of it's author. Who could forget the look in Una Stubbs eyes as she saw Nevil Shute in Lionels face?" There was a famous pleasure garden with rides etc. and a Big Dipper at .... Vauxhall.
  12. At his Spring Workshop, Noel Hill was covering various aspects of how to position the anglo for the best sound. My Jeffries was that bright (shrill?) in the treble, he suggested I play with the RHS pointing down a little, towards my right thigh, just to balance the sound a bit better.
  13. Why would anyone want a "virtual-anglo" when you can play "air-anglo". Mine is that loud it still upsets the family.
  14. Listen to as much of your type of music as you can - not necessarily on concertina. Get hold of the dots, or a recording and play along via a slower-down on the pc. Have a go at new stuff regularly. Ask questions on-line.
  15. I only have to open the case and the cat is in escape mode
  16. We went round and round the loop many times in the past regarding anglo tab and decided that anglo tab was not a good idea but some method of indicating which button to use is useful for people playing more than 20 key boxes where alternative buttons are available. This was intended only to be used sparingly. After a very intensive week with Noel Hill, the only things I needed to mark on the dots were ornaments, bellows direction where unusual and occasional fingering where not obvious. I also had to scribble a comment when less-used buttons in the corners of the box were used. This was the bit where tab might be useful, but if you don't know where the button is, that might be a good tune to practise so you remember where it is.
  17. What about my "Jeffries" with Crabb ends (inspected by Geoff Crabb as genuine), thin buttons, inset metal ends, a very dodgy name stamp but definite CJ inards? Dave P and Pete D are both familiar with it - Is that a fake as well? Noel Hill was intrigued by it last week and described it as a "hybrid". Admittedly more than one maker was involved, but I want to play it not look at it - it is the guts that make it a Jeffries, not the end-plates. (My caller is a pro-photographer so I must get him to do a close-up of the name stamp and get it on the net)
  18. If I was in the room with them, I might show them two or three different ways I might use to play a G scale - it is worth learning more than one and varying their useage. I read dots by singing them to myself and then play what I hear in my head. If you can do that, transposition becomes less of a problem. Granted, you do need to be able to read music first.
  19. Tee Hee - I like that anglo-sabre. To be honest, I swing both ways !!!!! And also play a metal ended Wheatstone english which is extra-loud and has no problems being heard above melodion players.
  20. Aren't newbies allowed to comment on old threads if they have something constructive to add?
  21. Sell it and move over to the Dark Side - buy an anglo!!!! (Preferably C/G to annoy the melodionistra in C). A nice loud metal-ended anglo can always run rings around melodions and can even beat them at chords.
  22. Me too - I play a Morino PA - great sound. I vote for anglos any day.
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