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  1. Steve,

    I am stopping at Crottys pub next week (planes allowing), you will no doubt get your hands on it.


    The buttons are very tall and thin, and the best bit is the bushing board which is fastened onto the reedpan so you can take the lid off and the buttons stop where they are - a brilliant idea.









  2. Sorry, Steve, but I have an inset ended hybrid Jeffries 49 key with Crabb ends (Geoff Crabb verified these as very probably Crabb ends and Jeffries reeds), reconditioned/rebellowed by the Dippers.

    Messers Byrne, Prebble, Davis, Wayne et. al. are all familiar with this instrument and the Jeffries name stamp is the only oddity.

    I have photos on my digital camera which I will upload a.s.a.p.

  3. Well there was a trio who called themselves Wheatstone Bridge

    I suppose they didn't have an ohm to go to?


    My fave bandname must be the The Flying Chaucers from Canterbury although the Sussex Pistols still must get the usual question "Is that johnny rotten?".

  4. Being a Righty (or Wrighty), I still have no problems playing tunes on left or right hand as I play in octaves where possible.

    We were discussing playing chords at Swaledale and whether playing chords in D was at the "extreme" on C/G as the chords were a bit "bare". I commented that to irish-style players, D seemed in the middle of the instrument and you have to practise playing some of the tune in the left hand and some in the right so it didn't really benefit lefties or righties.

    Irish-style players have to be ambisextrous.

  5. What an excellent weekend - it is great to catch up with friends old and new - I didn't exert myself too much, taking things very steadily (untill the Irish reels started).

    Well done to all the organisers - especially the short notice ones.


    I am determined to learn push and pull chords in D and F if it kills me (metaphorically).

  6. Here we go.

    Definition of an optimist - a banjo player with an answerphone.


    And my favorites -

    Q. What is the difference between a cow and an orchestra?.

    A. One's got horns at the front and an rs at the back.


    Q. What is the difference between a viola player and a seamstress?

    A. One tucks up frills.


    Q. And the difference between a drummer and a Radox bath.

    A. One bucks up the feet.


    Thats quite enough of that.

  7. Most people should have no trouble learning the English, but there are a few rare individuals whose brains seem to be "wired wrong" and find it horrendous. The same is true of the anglo, but it's a different sort of "wiring" and a different set of people who have trouble.

    What about the "wiring" of people who are interchangeable on both anglo and english?


    Geoff Wright

    Concertina player and Counter-tenor

  8. I am sure we all know session musos who (allegedly) play with their eyes open but are totally oblivious to the starting tempo and often to the fact that the rest of the room has changed tune.

    By all means, don't look at the box and practise in the dark, but do look up when other musicians are playing.

  9. CGs rule OK.

    Tongue in cheek of course - C/G and G/D are totally different instruments and I happen to prefer the timbre of a C/G cross-fingered than a G/D played up the rows (but thats only personal preference) plus I play octaves rather than chords.

    I do see too many non-chord playing G/D owners who stop playing if the session ventures outside their two keys (or even worse, swap to a C/G if the key changes to C).

    Time for some scales practise!.

  10. Many thanks for all your prayers, thoughts and concerns. Geoff is back home with avengence, taking everything at quarter speed (except concertina).

    I took badly with what I thought was heartburn during the psalm at Matins and (allegedly) carried on singing until the end of the service, despite being doubled-up. Hows that for dedication?

    Thanks to Dave Prebbles' red cross parcel of cds, I did not suffer box withdrawal symptoms too much and very much look forward to seeing many of you at Swaledale and Witney.

    Under Docs orders, everyone (especially DP) will be pleased to hear I am giving up my Morino accordion temporarily and may need to find a smaller (louder) model for the interim.


    Again, thanks to all the well-wishers.

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