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  1. My Jeffries shrieks - so I only play melody in it and the occasional chord.
    I think you have to be able to play air-concertina to play in sessions - you need to instinctively know which note will come out - no noodling, trying to work it out mid-tune.
    We had 12 anglos playing in the Royal, Dungworth one night - that was a sight for sore-ears.

  2. eAAGA can be played all on the push
    But Noel doesn't like smoothing the tune out - he likes changes of direction - and again, he would want a cut on the A which is easier on the pull
    The over-riding question should always be ........ what ornaments do I want? Which direction are they available in?

  3. I play anglo and english and can swap during tunes - must be wired-up wrong
    I treat them as totally different instruments for different repertoire so I don't get confused (Irish on anglo and northumbrian on english)

    After some 3 decades on anglo, I learnt english as I got fed up of cross-fingering F and A on anglo

    If you are wanting to play Irish, it is worth learning the 4 button trick

    Up the LH then
    GA (LHC) BC (RHC)

    DE (LHG) F#G (RHG)

    then up the G row

  4. Providing you want to play tunes rather than too many chords,
    Have you had a go at the 4 button trick used by irish players (usually c/g)?


    up the LHG row

    DE (LHG) F#G (RHG)

    AB (LHD) C#D (RHD)

    then up the RHD row


    the beauty of this is the ornaments & grace notes are under the fingers

  5. Hi All,

    There seems to have been problems with emailing out details of Swaledale Squeeze 2012 details.

    If you haven't received details yet, its not too late. Details are attached below.


    Janes assistant Steven Bradley is dealing with reservation forms at: steven@swaledalesqueeze.org.uk

    Replies by 1st May please.


    The guest tutors for this year's squeeze are

    Alistair Anderson (English),

    Brian Peters (Anglo)

    Michael Hebbert(Duet).

    They join our regular team of tutors:

    Harry Scurfield (Anglo);

    Pauline de Snoo (English);

    Paul Walker (Anglo & English);

    Dave Ball (part playing)

    Carolyn Wade (concertina band)

    The weekend also features Dave Elliott’s “Concertina

    Clinic” on Saturday and Chris Algar’s “Concertina Emporium” on Sunday.


    See you there

    Reservation Form Final.pdf

  6. And of course, Lemonville (is it Canadian?) and The Quarryman (is it Scottish?)


    If you aren't frightened by minor keys, Teddy Bears Picnic


    If you want the punters to sing along -


    Hello, Hello, Whos your lady friend

    Lets all go down the Strand

    Fall in and follow me

    Man who stole the bank at Monte Carlo

    I do like to be beside the seaside

    Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts (I had to inhibit Bracken Rigg musicians' enthusiasm for shouting out BIG ONES!!)

  7. Just looked in Nick Barbers English book and it isn't in there (under that name).

    Has anyone got ABC to the third part?

    Here is my take on it.



    T:In the Toyshop




    B>c[|d2 d>B g2g>B|d2 d4 G>A|B2 B2 e2 e2|d6 f>e|

    d2 A2 A2 f>e|d2 A2 A4|d2 dd c2 A2|B6 B>c|!

    d2 d>B g2 g>B|d2d4 G>A|B2 B2 e2 e2|d6 f>e|

    d2 A2 A2 f>e|d2 A2 A4|d2 dd e2 f2|g4 =f4|]!

    [|e2e>^d e2e>^d|e>^de>(a a)>gf>e|d2 d2 d>c B>c|d6 B2|!

    e2e>^d e2e>^d|e>^de>(a a)>gf>e|d2d2e2 ^e2|f6 B>c|!

    d2 d>B g2 g>B|d2d4 G>A|B2 B2 e2 e2|d6 f>e|!

    d2 A2 A2 f>e|d2 A2 A4|d2 dd e2 f2|g6|]

  8. Just looking at the spec for the brand new Roland fr-18 digital button box. Looks a great idea.

    3 rows and you can configure it to any keyboard layout you fancy.


    How long before we get a digital concertina - 4 rows and you can configure it however you want. Design your own keyboard.

    Anyone fancy the idea?

  9. Around Foolow in Derbyshire they still go out round the houses and farmsteads singing to families. In the Oughtibridge area 'The Big Set' used to carry instruments round and sing all night. Jon Boden is involved with a revival around Storrs and Dungworth I understand


    The Grenoside Sword Dancers still go on a traipse around the big houses. In the past it was common to go out for several days to collect money . The Plough Bullocks also went out round the same time at Ecclesfield. Money with menaces, if you didn't stump up they'd plough up your front garden.


    William Kimber mentions 'everybody going out at Christmas', being hard up.


    A bit like First Footing at Hogmanay



    It obviously all served several functions such as a bit of social levelling, including everybody in the community, a bit of social license and celebration of the turning of the year.

    And financial necessity often helped keep customs alive! Where's me concertina??;)


    I remember at school, the song was

    Christmas is coming (has been) and the goose is getting fat

    Please put a shilling in the plough-boys hat

    If you haven't got a shilling, sixpence will do .....

    If you haven't got sixpence, your windows are going through


    (cue: Steal Away - new world symphony)

    All us kids used to sit in a back-room in the pub with crayons and colouring-books, listening to carols being sung.

    Sweet Bells (huge intake of breath, making sure candles don't go out)

  10. Cookies acting up - wouldn't let me post into tune-database. Anyone that can - please post it in.



    T:The Oslo Waltz (Kristiania Valsen)



    C:E. Olzen


    d^cd|:ed Bd GB|D2 G2 B2|E4^D2|D4 G2|F3 ^E FA|d4 c2|B2 B^A Bc|B3 d^cd|!

    ed Bd GB|D2 G2 B2|E4^D2|D4 G2|F3 ^E FA|d4 F2|(3GAG FG Bd|g2 z2:|!

    B/c/^c/|:d6|g6|g2 f2 e2|B6|d3 e d2|c2 B2 A2|G2 GF GA|B3 A Bc|!

    d6|g6|g2 f2 e2|B6|d3 e d2|c2 B2 A2|(3GAG FG Bd|[1 g2 z2 d2:|[2 g2 z2||!


    c/^c/d/^d/|:e6-|e4 d2|c6-|c6|E2 G2 c2|e2 g2 ^g2|a6-|a6|!

    f6|d4 c2|B6|B4 A2|G6|G2 ^F2 =F2|E6|GA Bc d_e|!

    e6-|e4d2|c6-|c6|E2 G2 c2|e2 g2 ^g2|a6-|a6|!

    c'6|b4 a2|g4 e2|c2 B2 A2|G6|d6|[1 c6|GA Bc d_e:|[2 c6-|c2 z2||

  11. 30 buttons can be a little daunting for some people to start on, so don't write off a 20 key immediately.

    If you make good progress, then is the time to start thinking about moving up, but do some research, play as many as you can get your hands on, and seek some advice - don't buy the first 30 key that comes your way (unless it has one of the magic words on it, or is a real bargain)

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