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  1. All very good ideas. I have an old useless one row box in pieces but the bellows is sound and I think I can trick it out to use as a bellows. My progress so far--I checked all the issues mentioned, including replacing some very weather seals around the inside of the bellows frame. Upon reassemblly the reed sounded fine, except that somehow in my tinkering I'd disturbed a valve on another notes so that it didn't play--an easy fix, though when I reassembled the box the wonky note was wonky again--i.e., I believe it must be "an air issue," i.e.somehow the action box fit isn't snug. More tiny screwdrivers! Thanks!
  2. I've encountered baffles before, but nothing this...robust. I've slept on flatter pillows. It's absent on the RH side. I've removed it, and the entire LH side speaks more loudly and clearly. (No surprise.) The wonky note still wonks, but will try the fixes suggested. Thanks!
  3. Yes, bad terminology; you explained it better. I will check its tightness. And yes left hand, sorry. (Edited.) It's not a palm problem, though the inside of the "lid" (inventing my terms here) is oddly lined with a double layer of thick felt in a way I've never seen. I suppose I could try removing it. Baby steps.
  4. I've recently acquired a lovely (and much loved) Jones 26 button Anglo that seems to be the box of my dreams. It's fast enough for session playing if I pushed it, but my focus is old-style Clare playing up-and-down the rows, a more relaxed approach, and it's damn near perfect for that. But one reed block--the middle D/E on the G row (left hand) is dull and lifeless on both the pull and the push. I've tried removing potential debris, increasing the space between the reed tip and the slot, removing and replacing the block.... I do notice that when I plunk the reeds they sound sort of flat without the wee ring that the others have--these are more of a "clunk." Do reeds just die? Both on the same button? Probably there are a dozen threads on this topic but it's a tricky search. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I am selling yet another EC on behalf of a late friend's estate. I have little info on this other than it's a Wheatstone treble, 56 keys, no air button, nickel-plated (I believe) buttons, metal ends. It was his regular dance gig box and is very loud. He was an engineer who took good care of his toys. One of the dog-whistle keys was stuck but wiggled back into playability. It was worked on by Steve Dickinson in 1978; his records suggest that it's a 1914 construction, though they are not dispositive. My digital tuner app has it at A 440. 6-fold bellows. I am located near Seattle, WA. A little searching suggests an asking price of $2500 would be fair, and indeed low. (OBO, of course.) I can take a video showing that the buttons work but am nit an EC player so can't manage a proper demo. I have some interior pics I can share as well.
  6. Still seeking offers for this box; helping out a friend's family sort out his estate. Price lowered to $2250 let me know if you are interested!
  7. Folks tell me Boyd boxes are among Lachenal's best; apparently Harry B. was a demanding and discerning customer (and reseller, as I understand). This one is is good shape; needs a few valve tweaks and so on; one reed block is silent but probably a minor issue. Hooked (not riveted) action. Serial #52771. Circa 1910. Appraised by Joel Cowan in 1990 for $2100. Money goes to a Native American tribal charity. I can send a video, more pics, etc. to a pvt email. Asking $2250 OBO. Thanks.
  8. Now knowing a bit more about them I will offer them at $3,750 each.OBO. Message me if interested.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Based on the few comp sales I can find I am thinking that $3500 would be a fair asking price for each. Am I undervaluing? Overvaluing? I'm pretty familiar with Anglo values, but the English Tina world is unknown to me. Last night I tried to figure out a scale. I laughed and laughed, then went to bed.
  10. Dispalying even more ignorance of the English system here; again my apologies...but I have confirmed that both Lachenals go from C3 (131 Hz) to C7 (2093 Hz)
  11. Yes just edited the above--the videos attempt to show the range as well. Send me an email address and I'll get them to you ASAP.
  12. I have videos of all three if anyone wants them. I'm not a player so I just attempted to demonstrate that the buttons work and the bellows are tight. I'm going to say extended treble for the Edeophone. Those high notes are pretty darned high!
  13. Update: I have taken exterior and interior photos of the instruments. I was misinformed by the former owner's wife about the models; she was relying on some paperwork she found that appears to relate to bunch of other instruments as well as these. One is indeed the Lachenal 56-key Edeophone, 7" across, as someone asked above, circa 1907, appraised by Joel Cowan in 1990 at $2,100. My departed friend seems to have purchased it from Tony Bingham in London in 1985. There his another Lachenal, also 56 keys., circa 1910, made for one Harry Boyd as stated above, and appraised by Mr. Cowan in 1990 also at $2,100. . The 45 key, wooden-end box appears to be a low-end hybrid; I can't find any info about it. I have a lot of pics I'd be happy to send via email. Looking to sell as a lot or individually. His widow asked me to be sure they go to players vs. resellers. It is my understanding that the proceeds will be donated to a local Native American tribal organization.
  14. Me again. I have the boxes! Will post pics (inside and out) as soon as I can find a quiet moment...
  15. Sorry for the radio silence. I'm traveling at the moment and won't be back in town Seattle) where the boxes are for a couple of weeks. Indeed I've yet to lay eyes on them, but am making arrangements to do so, and I'll be offering lots more info soon. Thanks.
  16. Not yet. Hoping to get the appraisals updated. And hoping someone on this site can point me to a knowledgable appraiser. I'll know a lot more in a couple of weeks; I'm in L.A. now and the boxes are in Seattle, to which I'll be returning at the end of the month.
  17. I am helping a friend to find homes for three English concertinas that belonged to her departed husband. I am pretty conversant with Anglos but not this oh-so-buttony breed, so I am seeking assistance in helping her to sell them at reasonable prices, specifically to folks who will play them--or at least. to have their appraisals updated.. They are a 45-key Lachenal, a 56-key Edeophone Lachenal and a 56-key Lachenal made specially for a fellow named Harry Boyd in 1910. They all have been kept in excellent condition. I have a file of photos I can provide, along with 1990-ish appraisals by Joel Cowan (I know, I know). Let me know if you have any interest. Thanks, Paul
  18. Looks like there aren't may players thereof out there. Moving on...
  19. Yes I'm getting no reply whatsoever regarding an order placed in early April. I assume Mark is out of business permanently?
  20. I wasn't, erm, suggestion competition. At least not in a good way. I'll call before I order from someone else. It shouldn't be necessary for an online business, but like someone said he hasn't been well. Fingers crossed.
  21. well then, I'll just feel neglected and develop a complex. but in all seriousness, what an odd way to run an online business--to take orders but ignore emails. The Amazon model, I guess.
  22. I'm dealing with the same issue. Order placed, acknowledged, then radio silence despite multiple attempts to contact him. Unfortunate--I hope his health problems aren't serious but it seems like a slowly-going-out-of-business scenario.
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