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  1. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the kind words.
  2. Sometimes when I combine photos with music files I get distortion of the audio. Only a guess as to why, but I switched to a MKV extension (Matroska video file). MKV is more inclusive. I only know that it worked.
  3. Performed here: and here also on an Aeola with better audio settings.
  4. Time will tell. I've never used butterfly end papers before, but the material I used is very thin with cross bonded fibers. The adhesive is very flexible, and there is very little bulk. The 8-fold bellows, minus the end frames, is less than 3 cm thick when compressed. The butterflies also took about half the time of installing than with conventional end papers. Thanks for watching and commenting.
  5. Not an instrumental video, but a silent record of building bellows. 8-fold, 8 sided, gold end papers. Here:
  6. Thank you. I'm not sure there is much call for English concertina arrangements, Ha! But, no, I don't really publish or distribute. Sorry.
  7. A treble version of an arrangement I played first on a tenor-treble about 10 years ago. I though it was time for an update. I'm performing on the Wheatstone English Model 5A from 1918, that I restored recently, including building and installing a new set of 6-fold bellows. The video is here:
  8. It is an arrangement I put together for playing on my concertina.
  9. Chinese folk tune on a Wheatstone English system here:
  10. Something from 1929 on a 1918 Wheatstone English concertina here:
  11. Ultimately, a viable restoration depends on the condition of the reeds. Replacing all the missing buttons and repairing damaged fretwork is doable, but you might end up with an instrument that is still not worth much. I don't think it is German, unless it was marketed for the English-speaking market.
  12. Keep it in a protective case, away from extremes of heat and humidity. Play it as often as possible. I've had more problems with instruments that have been lying idle than with instruments that are used regularly.
  13. I see modifications such as the pivots for the lowest notes moved distally. I wonder if the left-hand side has similar changes. *Upon closer inspection I see that the pivots for the lowest notes seem to be in their original positions but fall outside the boundary of the disk, hence the extensions. Extra holes might indicate the springs were relocated? Very clean set of reeds and nice re-valving and padding. Yes, a Jeffries tenor English - a rarity twice over. I wonder why so few were made. Perhaps ahead of his time. I don't think Wheatstone tenors were made until the 1930s? Does anyone know? *Addendum
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