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  1. Thanks, Richard. The instrument is a Wheatstone 5A. I restored it a few years ago and made a new set of bellows. It once belonged to a student of Boris Matueswitch in N.Y. Yes, that room has great accoustics.
  2. These instruments are rare. Rarer still are recordings. This is one I did several years ago that was lost in the ethers of time and rediscovered.
  3. Glad you liked it. Thanks for the kind words.
  4. Sometimes when I combine photos with music files I get distortion of the audio. Only a guess as to why, but I switched to a MKV extension (Matroska video file). MKV is more inclusive. I only know that it worked.
  5. Performed here: and here also on an Aeola with better audio settings.
  6. Time will tell. I've never used butterfly end papers before, but the material I used is very thin with cross bonded fibers. The adhesive is very flexible, and there is very little bulk. The 8-fold bellows, minus the end frames, is less than 3 cm thick when compressed. The butterflies also took about half the time of installing than with conventional end papers. Thanks for watching and commenting.
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