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  1. Thank you Alex, I appreciate your input.

    I have ordered aluminium and acetal rods. I think I will practice on the acetal and then make a set of aluminium.


    Another question:

    I need to make some new pads and I see that there is a little "button" going through the shaft that is glued to the cardboard disc. What do you use for that little button?


  2. Theo, I have about 100 pounds invested in it, so I do believe it is worth restoring it into a working piece. 

    I have started cleaning the reeds and, thanks to you Theo, they do not look too bad, and they are making a sound again. We will see later how much tuning is needed.

    I have also started patching the bellows inside with thin leather patches and PVA glue. I will later invest in new bellows, one day, when I am big. 😉

    Some of the buttons have their tails broken off. Can the buttons work without the tail going into the hole, or will it move around? I was thinking of drilling a 2mm hole in the bottom of the button and then glue a piece of wire into the hole?

    Thank you for all your help and advice. I appreciate it.

  3. I won this concertina on an online auction in South Africa and received it today.  https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/530299374/auction.html

    What a disapointment!!

    It only makes a wheezing sound and when I opened it I found all the reeds very rusted. It has one missing and a few broken buttons,  the valves are curling up and the pallets are leaking. The bellows are leaky and the action looks very fragile.

    So, where should I start with a restoration. Should I first take out the reeds one by one and clean them with fine sand paper?

    Thank you for any advice.





  4. OK, I am ordering a set of new reeds in C/G for my concertina from Czech Republic.

    The layout that I found is this, but I am not sure if the number next to each letter is correct. (Sorry for my musical illiteracy.)

    Left: C1/G1, G1B1, C2/D2, E2/F2, G2/B2             Right: C3/B2, E3/D3, G3/F3, E4/B3
    Left: B1/D2, D2/F#2, G2/A2, B2/C3, D3/E3        Right: G3/F#3, B3/A3, D4/C4, G4/E4, B4/F#4
    Can somebody please confirm if this layout of the reeds is correct?
    Thank you
  5. Hello everybody, I am new here, but I don't see an introduction forum, so let me introduce myself here. I have been lurking around here for some time, but now I have decided to join your forum.

    I am Fanie, a (small scale) cattle farmer in South Africa. I am playing harmonica, banjo, ukulele and mandolin, but I always wanted to play concertina. I have one of those Chinese Irin concertinas and the big Scholer with the triple sets of reeds. 

    This week I found a Gallotone, but it is actually the middle size Scholer with double reed plates. BUT the problem, it has 13 broken reeds. The reed plates were very corroded, so I think the reeds got stuck and then broke when somebody played it. So, now the question: what do I do with it? Five of the eight reed plates have broken reeds. Is it fixable, or can one get reeds or reed plates for it somewhere? Has anybody tried to put harmonica reeds (or reed plates) in a concertina?

    Any help or advice will be appreciated.


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