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  1. Thank you for the references, I will check them out. I recieved the bandoneon and it is not in good shape. Some of the gussets on the bellows are gone, 39 bellow corners are missing, 15 buttons are missing, and some of the reeds keep on singing all the time, so the pads will probaply have to be replaced. Lots of projects to keep me busy, I am currently working on a Wheatstone Anglo and an old 1880's Stanley reed organ. Thanks
  2. Anybody here with an old broken melodeon willing to part with some corners and buttons? 😌 Thanks
  3. That is great news, thank you John. It seems that this one is missing a lot of corners. Do you perhaps know where one can order corners from? Thanks
  4. Thank you guys, I cannot wait to have it in my hands. The courier will probaply deliver it on Monday. It has an awful lot of buttons, is there among them a row of buttons that resembles an Anglo? Thank you
  5. I want to trade this thing for an old Scholer Anglo. But I don't know what it is. What do you think? Thanks
  6. Thank you for the help gentlemen, I appreciate it. So if the error measurement is "+" cents off, you file the tip of the reed, and when it is "-" off, you file the base of the reed? How much maximum error is it possible to change? Thanks
  7. So are you not using the frequencies to tune the reeds?
  8. It is time time to start doing something about the reeds in my Wheatstone. I cleaned all the rust out and started testing the pitch. I have two tuner apps on my phone, which are Pano Tuner, and I have Billthefarmer Tuner. Both apps measure the pitch in Hz an my reeds are way out of pitch. I first tested the right hand side reeds and made a tabel of what it should be (Target Hz), and what it is currently testing (Current Hz). Right hand reeds: Reed Target Hz Current Hz C#5 554.73 546 D#5 662.25 604 A5 880 857 G5 783.99 747 G#5 830.61 800 Bb5 932.33 903 C#6 1108.73 1095 D#6 1244.51 1173 A6 1760 1587 F6 1396.91 1246 E6 1318.51 1182 B5 987.77 963 B6 1975.53 1780 F#6 1479.98 1425 C6 1046.50 962 A5 880 845 G6 1567.98 1482 E6 1318.51 1256 D6 1174.66 1092 C6 1046.50 1011 G5 783.99 760 F5 698.46 B5 987.77 949 A5 880 868 E5 659.25 620 D5 587.33 583 G5 783.99 750 F#5 739.99 728 C5 523.25 490 B4 493.88 481 As you can see, they are WAY out of tune. Please tell me if it will be possible to tune these reeds to what they should be. Thank you for you help.
  9. Luke, it is great having sound on the concertina buttons. Would it be possible to to make it that the corresponding piano key lights up when you push the concertina key? Maybe that will teach me to master the piano accordion. Thanks
  10. Time for an update: I made a new set of 8-fold bellows I made a set of new deldrin/acetal buttons I made new pads and I made new springs from 0.7mm stainless steel spring wire. Now for my big headache, the reeds. The reeds sound terrible. Some of them don't make a sound and the rest are out of tune. Some of them were so rusted and pitted that I do't know if it will be possible to tune them. Now I have been thinking............ I have an old Scandalli piano accordion that is beyond repair, but the reeds are still looking good. It has about 120 treble reeds. If I could harvest a set of reeds from the PA and then cut half of the reed plate off so that it is a single tongue reed and then file the reed plate to shape and then drill holes on both ends to attach it with screws? What do you think?
  11. I learned on this: https://www.banggood.com/20-Button-Concertina-with-Carrying-Bag-Adult-Primary-Playing-Hexagon-Accordion-Keyboard-Toys-Gift-for-Kids-Children-p-1704323.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN&ID=6287842
  12. Simon, I have a confession to make- it is time to get out of the closet- I am playing on one of those cheap ($140), red, 20 button Chinese HYBRID concertinas, and I love it. 😉
  13. 😌 Simon, sorry to burst your bubble, a Hohner does not count as a concertina- It is a hybrid. 😅
  14. That is very neat, Luke. What would be interesting for me (as totally musical illiterate) to see, is if you press on the concertina button, which piano key will light up.
  15. Ok, I got it out. I first heated it with a soldering bolt, then cut a slot in the end with one of those small dremmel blades and then tried with a small screwdriver, but it did not work. Then I cut it open on the side and got it out. Now I must find a screw that will fit and cut threads for it and then cover the slot with epoxy. Fortunately I am busy building new bellows, so I did not have to destroy anything in the process. Thanks for all your help.
  16. Thank you guys for all the help. I appreciate it. And a happy 2022 for all of you.
  17. Thank you guys, I appreciate your help. I will first try to grip it with pliers, but there is so little protruding that I don't think it will work. Roger, in this case the plate is inserted from the outside. Thanks
  18. One of the end bolts are broken of, so I opened the chamois cover and then found that it does not have a threaded nut plate on the edge of the bellows frame, but it has a plate inserted from the side of the frame about 10mm from the edge. Any advice on how to remove this broken bolt? Thank you
  19. I have another question for you guys: Look at the end plates of this concertina, normally, on the edge of the end plate the plate slopes down to the edge and then there is a flat edge section where the screws goes through. On this concertina the edge of the end plates goes up into a rounded edge and only the small portions where the screws go through are flattened. I have not seen another Wheatstone with this end plates- was this a single model or what.....?
  20. Thank you Theo. I am going to try to make one from the shaft of an old drill bit, but how do you drill into hard steel?
  21. That is a good idea Theo. How did you make it? Do you perhaps have a picture? Thank you
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