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  1. Coming up for auction on Friday 6th/ Saturday 7th March at DICKINS AUCTIONEERS, The CLAYDON SALEROOM, MIDDLE CLAYDON, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. MK18 2EZ. "Lot : 350 Concertina : ' C. Wheatstone , Inventor , 20 Conduit St, Regent St, London ' a 48 key Rosewood cased Anglo Concertina labelled, no. 4579 ( c.1852 ) with key marked metallic keys , four fold green leather bellows with gold crosses and dots to papers, fretted Rosewood ends with oval makers label to one end and cartouche with number to the other end. 6 1/4" wide. Estimate. = £400-600" Incorrectly described as an Anglo!!!! Catalogue page here :- = http://www.dickinsauctioneers.com/BidCat/detail.asp?SaleRef=0310&LotRef=350 regards Jake
  2. Hmmmm!! Some there are that say ... "Great minds think alike ". My grandmother used to say that ... "All madmen dance to the same tune" that used to bring us down to earth!!! I had some similair thought a few years ago and what I came up with was ...... Buttons operating valves sitting in two layers of pots with the air flow being distibuted thru tubes to the reed chambers - see diagrams for how it might look on an Anglo. It depends on how small the dimensions could go before affecting air flow. My thoughts at the time were inclined towards injection moulding but today of course I would think that 3D printing is the way to go. Jake
  3. I'm in Beverley, East Yorks. A fellow concertina player had some work done recently on his Jefferies EC. I'll be seeing him tomorrow night - if he attends the easy session - and I'll ask him where he sent it. Jake
  4. For auction by CAPE DUNN, MANCHESTER, UK. 09th december. Here :- http://www.capesdunn.com/Catalogues/co091214/lot0182.html Lot 182. "NINETEENTH CENTURY ROSEWOOD AND GREEN LEATHER CONCERTINA LABELLED 'ROCK CHIDLEY MANUFACTURER, 135 HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON, LATE FINISHER TO MESSRS. WHEATSONES', having metal reeds, the labelled right hand end and left hand end each with 24 stained and natural ivory buttons, leather strap, thumb piece, 7 1/4" diameter (appears to be in full working order) houses in LATER AMATEUR BLACK STAINED PINE SQUARE BOX Estimate: 100-150" Present online bid = £80 Jake
  5. For auction by CAPES DUNN, MANCHESTER, UK. 09th December. Here :- http://www.capesdunn.com/Catalogues/co091214/lot0167.html Lot 167. "LACHENAL & CO LONDON LATE 19TH CENTURY CONCERTINA with pierced rosewood ends bears makers paper label the leather straps attached to batons one impressed "Trade mark English Male" and having a total of 29 buttons and numbered on a paper label 183592, 7 1/2" (18.4cm) diameter Estimate: 150-200" Present online bid = £120 Jake
  6. Just looking at this again - The auction site now also says :- "No serial number, just the one label for Charles Wheatstone, one button on each side is pressed in so assume a service will be required, there are various scratches and marks on the rosewood fret ends consistent with use and other generally scuffs and marks on the green bellows but no obvious rips or tears, thumb straps are complete but a little tatty in places, original rosewood carry case appears to be ok, overall average condition. Quite low Bass notes and only sound on the push of the bellows." - So, SINGLE ACTION then. It seems that online bidding has commenced, currently stands at £200. Here :- http://www.invaluable.com/catalog/viewLot.cfm?lotRef=7b11829e5a&scp=c&ri=148&wtchLt=true Jake
  7. In the topic I posted the other day - " Up-coming Auctions ... " - I should also have highlighted this, rather different, EC. For auction at GORRINGES, LEWES, UK. 03 December. http://www.gorringes.co.uk/asp/fullcatalogue.asp?salelot=LDEC14+++148+&refno=10326467&image=0 Lot 148. Estimated Price: £200 - £300 Description: A Victorian C. Wheatstone stretched octagon concertina, with pierced fretwork rosewood ends and fifty one keys, with green leather bellows and original rosewood case Jake
  8. Searching for concertinas at http://www.the-saleroom.com gives the following results :- http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/search-results?searchTerm=concertina&x=33&y=12&AuctionType=&sortTerm=startDate Ignoring the concertina tables & sewing boxes etc leaves approx 13 'tinas coming up for auction between 22/11 and 04/12 at various locations in the UK. For example, ANDERSON & GARLAND, NEWCASTLE. Have three concertinas coming up on the 02-04 December One of which is :- Lot number: 999 Description: A 19th Century Lachenal hexagonal concertina, each of the stained wood ends with pierced design, fitted twenty-six bone keys between eight fold bellows, 6 1/4in. (16cms) wide; together with a stained mahogany case, the interior with velvet lining and makers label to inside lid. NB :- Known to have serial number 4924 stamped inside. Valued at: £200 - £300 see here http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/anderson-and-garland-newcastle/catalogue-id-2908237/lot-24749633?searchitem=true Twenty-five buttons on the end shown NOT twenty-six!! Soo. A fifty button duet??? Jake
  9. ................................ Cameron steel, ( never heard of it after 45 years of steel works and heavy engineering) .... Dave A quick google tells me that ... "Cameron Steel is an American-born cricketer who plays for Middlesex and Durham MCCU." !! I rather like the sound of "Fine guage silk curtains applied to rear of fretts....." though I would have thought they might become entangled in the levers and pads!!! Jake
  10. Ahh! Eagled eyed Jim strikes again! Quite right 26 buttons it is. Jake
  11. At CRITERION AUCTIONS of LONDON, 10 November http://www.criterionauctioneers.com/lot?lotid=418138&backurl=L2NhdGFsb2d1ZT90ZXJtcz0mYWlkPSZsb3Rubz0yMzgmc2Vla2xvd2VyPSZzZWVrdXBwZXI9JnNlZWtzaXRlc2lkPSZwZXJwYWdlPTIwJm9yZGVyYnk9bG93ZXImYXNjZGVzYz1kZXNjJlN1Ym1pdD1TZWFyY2g= Looks pretty beat up to me - no visible buttons & no description Jake
  12. At STACEY'S AUCTIONEERS, RAYLEIGH, Essex. http://www.staceyauction.com/Auction-Detail_73471 Jake
  13. For auction at DICKINS AUCTIONEERS, Middle Claydon, Buckinghamshire, UK. Lot:1013 Concertina : ' C. Wheatstone , Inventor , 20 Conduit St, Regent St, London ' a 48 key Rosewood cased Anglo Concertina labelled, no. 4579 ( c.1852 ) with key marked metallic keys , four fold green leather bellows with gold crosses and dots to papers, fretted Rosewood ends with oval makers label to one end and Quatrefoil cartouche with number to the other end. 6 1/4" wide. Est: £700-800 http://www.dickinsauctioneers.com/BidCat/detail.asp?SaleRef=0300&LotRef=1013 Jake
  14. For auction at DICKINS AUCTIONEERS, Middle Claydon, Buckinghamshire. UK. Lot: 1012. Concertina : Lachenal & Co Patent Concertina Manufacturers London, no.171431 (c. 1891 ) , a mahogany, burgundy velvet lined , cased 20 +1 button hexagonal ' Squeeze - box ' Anglo concertina / accordian with five- fold bellows green leather with gold crosses and dots, steel reeds , Mahogany fretted ends to the hexagonal shaped body and oval label cartouche , 6 1/4" wide. Est: £300-500 http://www.dickinsauctioneers.com/BidCat/detail.asp?SaleRef=0300&LotRef=1012 Jake
  15. Hi shelly0312, The mandolin people here :- http://www.mandolintab.net/ have an ABC converter here : - http://mandolintab.net/abcconverter.php this has a MIDI button for playing the ABC. If you want to slow the speed of the playback then alter the tempo by putting a lower number in the "Q" field. If your ABC has no "Q" field then then just add it yourself. (No tunes will be harmed if you do this!) regards Jake
  16. The name JOURNET cropped up inthis thread :- http://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1457 There is a JOURNET 20B Anglo for sale on E-bay, here :- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Journet-London-Rosewood-Concertina-5-fold-20-Button-/311125789775?pt=UK_MusicalInstr_Keyboard_RL&hash=item48708acc4f Is that the one you are thinking of buying??? Jake
  17. At auction by GOLDING YOUNG & MAWER, Bourne, Lincolnshire. 08th October. Here :- http://www.goldingyoung.com/Lot/?sale=BC081014&lot=16&id=426084 "Bourne Collective Sale - Lot 16 A 19thC concertina by C Jefferries, with twenty stops, with gilt tooled leather, in a fitted rosewood case." The description says 20 buttons but I count 38 + air? 6-fold bellows. Jake
  18. The following listed for auction on the 24th September at BOLDON AUCTION GALLERIES, Tyne & Wear :- http://www.boldonauctions.co.uk/lot_details.html?sale_id=264&rows=100&section=all&page=3&lot_id=125663 "Lot 215. A Wheatstone 'Linota' 31 button concertina with steel pierced ends, bears label and with original box. Estimate: £200-300" Jake
  19. For auction by GOLDING YOUNG & MAWER, 17 September, viewing 16th Sept. http://www.goldingyoung.com Lot 271 An Edwardian hexagonal musical concertina, in square case. Seems to be one-and-a-half concertinas here!! I see they describe it as a "musical concertina"!! Jake tallship requested a direct link, here it is ::: http://www.goldingyoung.com/Lot/?sale=BC170914&lot=271&id=424622&ref=73533
  20. For auction by GOLDING YOUNG & MAWER, 17 September, viewing 16 th Sept. http://www.goldingyoung.com Lot 270 An Edwardian hexagonal concertina, in square case, with brass inlay, by G Wheatstone & Co Concertinas, with one other (AF) (2) link to catalogue page = http://www.goldingyoung.com/Lot/?sale=BC170914&lot=270&id=424621&ref=73533 Jake
  21. For auction at GOLDING YOUNG & MAWER 17th September. Viewing Tuesday 16th. http://www.goldingyoung.com Lot 269 An Edwardian hexagonal Louis Lathenan Patent concertina, in square case, Louis Lathenan Patent concertina manufacturer. Estimate ?? link to catalogue page = http://www.goldingyoung.com/Lot/?sale=BC170914&lot=269&id=424620 Jake
  22. Just checked out that website - http://www.mcgee-flutes.com/Metzler.htm - and I see that it belongs to our very own forum member - - - TERRY McGEE here he is at http://www.mcgee-flutes.com/ Credit where it's due, that's one extensive website!! Jake
  23. Hi Hilary, If you can post a picure or two of your workmate's concertina you may get some advice. A bit of research shows that METZLER was a music shop in London. Variously at 105 Wardour St & 37 Great Marlborough St. from the early years of the 19th century. Go here for more detail - http://www.mcgee-flutes.com/Metzler.htm So they were a general retailer of instruments not a maker. Here is a picture of an Anglo sold by auction in 2011 - Here is the catalogue description :- "Description: A 19th century Metzler 21 button concertina with fretwork pierced octagonal ends and bone button, the green leather bellows with decorative paper mount and have manufacturers label and registration no 21769 with original fitted carrying box" At a sale in April 2011 with an estimate of £180 - £250 it failed to sell. It was relisted in May 2011 with an estimate of £60 - £80, no indication if it was sold or not. (Again they get their OCTAGONAL mixed up with their HEXAGONAL!!!) regards Jake
  24. For auction on 18th September by CHEFFIN'S of Cambridge, UK Lot 793 Description: A rosewood cased late 19th/early 20th century Rock Chidley concertina, the hinged lidded hexagonal case 18.5cm (7.25 in) wide. Estimated Price: £200 - £400. Jake
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