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  1. For auction by THOMSON RODDICK of EDINBURGH on 03 rd September. Lot 284 Victorian Wheatstone 56 button concertina serial no 29004, with foliate pierced silver plated grills and buttons, in a velvet lined tan leather case, 19cm dia. Estimate: £700 - £900 see here : http://www.trscottishauctions.com/lots/victorian-wheatstone-56-button-concertina-serial-no-29004/64.html There is a little lever by the right thumb. It has rings for a neck strap and wrist straps already fitted. If the number is correct then it is from 1921?? Jake
  2. For auction by Trevanion & Dean, Whitchurch, Shropshire on August 08th. Lot 239 A 19th century Lachenal & Co concertina, rosewood ends with bone keys and patterned leather bellows, No 150426, in original box, 16cm diameter of end Estimate: £150 - £200 Here :- https://www.ukauctioneers.com/auction_catalogue.cfm?d&auction=29EBC808 Jake
  3. Penrith Farmers' & Kidd's, The Skirsgill Saleroom Agricultural Hall, Skirsgill Penrith Cumbria Here: http://www.pfkauctions.co.uk/Catalogues/as120815/lot0800.html Lot 800. A ROSEWOOD CASED CONCERTINA of typical hexagonal form with fret-cut panels, leather bellows and 46 buttons. 16cm(d) CONDITION: Generally good. Estimate: 200-300 Jake
  4. Snip. Snip. ...... Here's a link to the instrument at auction, including the photo. By right-clicking on the photo, I can view its "Properties", from which I can copy its "Location", which I can then use in an Image link here in the Forums editor, so the image will appear within the post but without using any of my Forums storage space: Ahhh! So thats how it's done!! Verry clever. Thanks Jim Jake
  5. For auction by MOORE ALLEN & INNOCENT of Cirencester 17th July. Lot 414. A Victorian fretwork carved rosewood cased 48 key concertina by C Wheatstone of London with green leather and paper bellows, housed in a mahogany hexagonal fitted case Estimate: £250 - £350 http://www.mooreallen.co.uk/auction-house/news-events/selected-antiques-and-picture-17-7-2015 Can't post a picture as I "..have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments" regards Jake
  6. I came across this site, http://raretunes.org/ , being an archive of scottish music. Amongst the performers it has the following links to recordings of the concertina. Walter Dale. http://raretunes.org/performers/walter-wattie-dale Tommy Dale. http://raretunes.org/performers/tommy-dale James Dickson. http://raretunes.org/performers/james-dickson Jack Easy. http://raretunes.org/performers/jack-easy Stuart Eydmann. http://raretunes.org/performers/eydmann Alf Edwards is included in their index but they have no recordings. I particularly liked this mouth organ!! Iain Grant. http://raretunes.org/performers/iain-grant Regards Jake
  7. SHAPES FINES ART AUCTIONEERS, Saturday 4th July 2015 http://www.shapesedinburgh.co.uk/auctions Lot 426. A Lachenal & Co concertina, c.1890, with 21 buttons, pierced foliate ends, leather straps and black leather bellows, paper label, in fitted hexagonal mahogany box, 14.5cm high x 16.5cm wide Estimate: £50 - £70 http://shapes.bidmaster.co.uk/bidcat/Catalogues.asp?category=&keywords=concertina&lot=&status=C&select=222&F1=3072&F2=4169&F4=1054&Submit+now.x=32&Submit+now.y=16 Jake
  8. The hammer price for this was £3,100. So, 15% commission & 20% VAT is £1,085 brings the price to £4,185. Jake
  9. For auction by TENNANTS, LEYBURN, N. Yorks. 20th June. http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/tennants-auctioneers/catalogue-id-srten10189/lot-a8a1ccd8-3da3-4eb2-af33-a4b200ffa4c1 Lot 235. A Thirty Key Anglo System Hexagonal Concertina by C.Jeffries, the pierced nickel plated ends stamped with makers name, with thirty nickel buttons, leather hand straps inscribed 'C.Wheatstone & Co., London', gilt tooling to leather sides, six fold paper covered leather bellows, in a mahogany case Jake
  10. Here are the results for all the 'tinas sold by GARDINER HOLDGATE of BATH, UK on the 18/19th June http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/search-results?searchTerm=concertina Lot 405 went online the rest were in the room. Lot 403 ...... Hammer price = £140 Two row Anglo concertina in need of restoration, with pierced rosewood ends and five-fold bellows Lot 404 ...... Hammer price = £800 Rare Wheatstone English concertina, circa 1845, labelled C. Wheatstone, Inventor, 20 Conduit Street, Regent Street, London, stamped no. 880, with thirty-two stained and bone buttons, four-fold bellows *This concertina is listed on the Wheatstone Concertina Ledger C104A on page 45 Lot 405 ...... Hammer price = £420 C. Wheatstone English concertina, circa 1861, labelled C. Wheatstone & Co, Inventors, Patenters & Manufacturers, 15 West Street Charing Cross Road, London, no. 11509 with forty-nine metal buttons on pierced inlaid rosewood ends, gilt tooled green leather sides and five-fold bellows, within original Wheatstone case Lot 406 ...... Hammer price = £220 Four row English concertina, labelled Keith Prowse & Co, Manufacturers, 48 Cheapside, London, no. 1155, with forty-eight stained and bone buttons on pierced rosewood ends, four-fold bellows, case Lot 407 ...... Hammer price = £1,050 Lachenal & Co. three row Anglo concertina, no. 196268, with thirty three bone buttons on pierced rosewood ends, seven fold bellows Lot 408 ...... Hammer price = £1,000 Lachenal & Co. three row Anglo concertina, with thirty one bone buttons on pierced rosewood ends, six-fold bellows Lot 409 ...... Hammer price = £320 Lachenal & Co. English concertina, no. 3813, stamped patent no. 4752, with thirty-nine bone buttons on pierced rosewood ends, six fold bellows, wooden case bearing a Lachenal & Co. label Jake
  11. The hammer price on the 1845 Wheatstone was .......... Wait for it!!!! ..........£800. Jake
  12. A general search for "concertina" at www.the-saleroom.com shows up with about 17 concertinas coming up for auction in the couple of weeks. See here, http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/search-results?countrycode=UK&searchterm=concertina&wheretosearch=http%3a%2f%2fwww.the-saleroom.com%2fen-gb%2fauction-catalogues%2fwellers-auctioneers%2fcatalogue-id-ibwe11668 Ignore the tables and handbags with "concertina action"!!! ************************************************* Of interest is an auction by GARDINER HOLDGATE of BATH, UK on the 18/19th June which has 7 concertinas. here ; http://gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/Catalogues/mi180615/page008.html lots 404 thru to 409 this looks interesting :- Lot 404. Rare Wheatstone English concertina, circa 1845, labelled C. Wheatstone, Inventor, 20 Conduit Street, Regent Street, London, stamped no. 880, with thirty-two stained and bone buttons, four-fold bellows *This concertina is listed on the Wheatstone Concertina Ledger C104A on page 45 Estimate: 550 GBP - 750 GBP http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/gardiner-houlgate/catalogue-id-srgard10033/lot-a4e32ef5-5e79-4c1d-bd34-a4ab00c6cc67 Damm!! Posted before I was ready!! regards Jake
  13. I've got one of these. I rather like it!! It was my second concertina and I've kept it since moving on to a Marcus. Mind you the hand rests were too close to the buttons for my hands so I moved them by 10mm and increased the height to 38 mm - oh, I had to move the air button as well. Jake
  14. Here's the link to the catalogue pages with pictures of all three lots : http://www.adampartridge.co.uk/search.php?search=concertina&submit=Search The hammer prices were :- Lot1124 = £130 Lot1124 = £170 Lot1124 = £45 Jake
  15. For auction, 28/29th May, by Adam Partridge, Macclesfield, UK. http://www.adampartridge.co.uk/search.php?search=concertina&submit=Search *************************************************************** Lot : 1124 A late 19th century mahogany cased Lachenal 21 key concertina with fretwork ends, no.77139. Estimate: £100 - £150. NO PICTURE. Lot : 1125 A Lachenal Anglo concertina, with twenty-eight bone keys, mahogany fretwork ends, no.52104, retailed by Thomas Dawkins & Co of London. Estimate: £60 - £100 Lot : 1126 A Lachenal & Co concertina (for restoration) with 21 bone buttons (case af). Estimate: £50 - £80 NO PICTURE. ******************************************************************** My guess is that lots 1124 & 1126 are also Anglos and (case af) means "as found" ?? Jake
  16. For auction by CAPES DUNN & Co, Manchester, UK, on 27th May. Lot 102. LATE 19TH CENTURY CONCERTINA LABELLED 'MANUFACTURED EXPRESSLY FOR S. ROSE AND CO BOMBAY', with 48 buttons, pierced rosewood hexagonal ends with leather straps, black leather and deeper patterned bellows, serial No 26841, in rosewood hexagonal case Estimate: 80-120 http://www.capesdunn.com/Catalogues/af270515/lot0102.html The buttons are marked with the notes. Jake
  17. Here's one that was sold on 22 June 2010, at Chadds Ford, PA, USA. http://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/tanzbar-concertina,-16-note-paper-roll-operated-m-363-c-c6d223bbf6 Here's one, from 23 June 2003, Clifton UK showing something of the mechanism. http://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/a-tanzbar-concertina,-with-16-note-roll-operated-271-c-213ursrca7 Also, http://squeezyboy.blogs.com/squeezytunes/2006/08/tanzbar_player_.html It seems clear that only one end, the right plays mechanically. Jake
  18. Here's a link to a past E-bay auction for a hexagonal Tanzbar concertina. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121552606669 Thanks to Geoff for the U-tube link Jake
  19. For sale at auction, 30th May in KOLN, Germany. Lot. 328. Self-playing "TANZBAR" accordian, 1905. Estimated Price: €600 - €800 Description: Self-Playing "Tanzbär" Accordion, 1905 Manufacturer: "A. Zuleger, Leipzig", roll-operated player concertina, 28 notes, roll transport by flywheel drive, unrestored condition, some rust, in original case, with 10 rolls. http://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/-1-c-BFD4164AE0?utm_source=inv_kwalert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=keywordalertlive&utm_term=2 Jake
  20. Wright Marshall - Knutsford, Cheshire, on the 12th May. 4 concertinas - Lot Nos 75, 76, 77 & 78. see here : https://www.ukauctioneers.com/auction_catalogue.cfm?d&auction=29E8CA0D The George Case of 1860 looks a beauty. Jake
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