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  1. For auction by STRIDE & SON. Southdown House, St Johns Street, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 1XQ see here : https://www.ukauctioneers.com/auction_catalogue.cfm? itemID=20E9CB0FD7D726F9D5E5FECEFF5E06E5E72DA8C2&auction=29EDC80D Lot 1472 An antique rosewood concertina accordion, labelled Lachenal & Co. Estimate: £80 - £100. Not much of a description. From the single picture of the right hand end, it seems the thumb strap is missing, being replaced by a strap across the back of the hand. From the way it is sitting on the shelf, flat on the left end, it would seem that the fittings from that end are missing as well; perhaps even the buttons?? Jake
  2. For auction by McTEARS AUCTIONEERS. McTears Auctioneers, Meiklewood Gate, 31 Meiklewood Road, Glasgow. G51 4EU. see here : http://www.mctears.co.uk/auctions/lot.aspx?id=4118536d-9a53-4368-8c69-32dce5b4d835&page=1&referrer=browse or here : http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/mctears-gallery1842/catalogue-id-srmct10433/lot-744e2a25-dadf-47f9-8775-a56100dafdb2?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link Lot 756. ROSEWOOD FOURTY-EIGHT BUTTON CONCERTINA BY LACHENAL for Wheatstone & Co., London, numbered 41995 on fabric, with pierced rosewood hexagonal ends, with fourty-eight bone buttons, in fitted rosewood case labelled ''Lachenal & Co. Patent Concertina Manufacturers London W.C.’' Estimate: £200 - £400 Only one picture but looks to be in very good condition. (on the outside anyway!!) The label says Lachenal so why they claim a Wheatstone connection I don't know?? Jake
  3. Current bid for this is £1600. auction ends tomorrow evening at 8:10 pm. here : http://www.invaluable.com/catalog/viewLot.cfm?lotRef=a0347c0ac7&scp=c&ri=258 Jake
  4. I've not used Flickr for a while, lets see if I can still make it work!! Links to Flickr photo sharing : https://www.flickr.com/photos/33443085@N05/22888876904/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/33443085@N05/22888876884/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/33443085@N05/22888876854/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/33443085@N05/22888876834/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/33443085@N05/22888876824/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/33443085@N05/22888876814/in/dateposted-public/ Thanks to Wilf at SILVERWOODS Auctions for the extra photos. Jake edit :- Looking at the second image, which shows the bellows extended, you can see that the ends have a narrow slot cut into alternate sides??
  5. Well spotted CrP!! I did notice it but made no comment until I recieved some more pictures from the auction house. I am awaiting their permission before publishing further. It is indeed a metal hand rest and the design of the fretted end continues under it in a single design. There are 19 buttons on the left end, one button is missing, there are two buttons under the left thumb and two more in front of the rest. Jake
  6. A duet, mmm, I did wonder but thought that those of you more knowledgable than myself would make an appropriate correction! Jake Edit : Of course!!! We're looking at the right-hand end and there's NO air button!!
  7. In England, the term 'chatty' can mean scruffy or dirty Jake
  8. At auction 17 th December by SILVERWOODS, Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK. Lot 260 An early 20th century English concertina, possibly L. Chenal London, thirty-four button, pierced white metal ends, steel reeds, six fold bellows, ebonised and gilt hexagonal case, rosewood carry box. Estimate = £300 - £500. see here : http://www.the-saleroom.com//en-gb/auction-catalogues/silverwoods-of-lancashire/catalogue-id-srsil10017/lot-8d6046a8-9ee7-411f-8720-a56200d980ca?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link When they say "ebonised and gilt hexagonal case" I guess they mean that the carcases are ebonised and the leather on the ends of the bellows is embossed & gilded? The metal end has 2 extra holes on each of the straight sides about half an inch in from the corners. There appears to be 2 holes in the end plate by the end of the buttons. There appears to be 2 holes in the end plate each side of the air button. Jake
  9. At auction 10th December, by GARDINER HOULGATE, Bath, UK. Lot 557 C. Jeffries Anglo concertina, stamped C. Jeffries, Maker on one end, with twenty-seven bone buttons on pierced metal ends and, six-fold bellows, brown leather fitted case (a.f) Estimate: £2000 - £3000 See here : http://gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/Catalogues/mi101215/lot0557.html Jake P.S. a.f. = as found
  10. At auction 10th December, by GARDINER HOULGATE, Bath, UK. Lot 556. Lachenal & Co English concertina, no. 26xx, with thirty-nine bone buttons on pierced wooden ends, six-fold bellows, within a fitted mahogany case Estimate: £250 - £350 See here : http://gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/Catalogues/mi101215/lot0556.html Jake
  11. For auction, 04th December by Dickins Auctioneers The Claydon Salesroom, Calvert Road, Middle Claydon , Buckinghamshire. Lot 336. A cased Concertina / Squeezebox / Accordion by George Case , 32 New Bond Street , London . Having rosewood keyboard sections, ivory keys and leatherbound bellows . Serial number 887 . Approximately 5" closed Please Note - we do not make reference to the condition of lots within catalogue descriptions. We are however happy to provide additional information regarding the condition of items on request.Estimated Price: £200 - £300. The number of buttons isn't actually stated and it's a bit tricky counting them. I make it 6+6+6+6 on the left and 6+7+6+5 on the right. There's a starting bid in already of £160. See here : http://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/-1-c-C7D4FED8DC?utm_source=inv_kwalert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=keywordalertlive&utm_term=2 Jake
  12. At auction, 02nd December, by CATO CRANE & COMPANY, 6 Stanhope Street, Liverpool. Lot 310. Description: INTERESTING ANTIQUE MAHOGANY SQUEEZE BOX/ CONCERTINA WITH MOTHER OF PEARL MOUNTS. Estimated Price: £30 - £50 See here : http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/cato-crane-and-co/catalogue-id-srcato10043/lot-8107d6a0-6c13-4b6a-9ded-a55d00e4348f Jake
  13. A quick look at SLATER'S DIRECTORY 1911 shows :- Howard's Ltd. Musical Instrument Makers 143 Oldham Street. Manchester. Jake
  14. Brompton's, The Royal Institution, 21 Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BS United Kingdom. Lot 258 Estimated Price: £800 - £1,200 Description: A Concertina by Charles Jeffries Stamped: C. Jeffries, Maker With six-fold bellows Thirty-Two bone keys see here :- http://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/a-concertina-by-charles-jeffries-258-c-a0347c0ac7 Soo, 32 buttons, that means a drone then. It will be an online only action and they have one bid showing for £800 already. Jake
  15. 22 recordings featuring concertinas, here : http://cylinders.library.ucsb.edu/search.php?query=concertina&queryType=@attr+1=1016 Jake
  16. At auction on 12 th November by EASTBOURNE AUCTIONS. Auction House, Finmore Road, Eastbourne. BN22 8QL see hare : https://www.eastbourneauction.com/catalogue/lots/5E72F06770764ECC240B873045114510F210FA42E10AE0EE6FA33CE49CE569F9/1DAD09680FE122841B8E6C1F4CC703F8/fine-art-antiques-collectables-sale-2-days-lot-320/?action=4. Lot 320 Description: Lachenal & Co 20-button concertina, numbered 200413, 19cm wide Estimate: £80 - £120 Jake
  17. At auction on 12 th November by EASTBOURNE AUCTIONS. Auction House, Finmore Road, Eastbourne. BN22 8QL see here : https://www.eastbourneauction.com/catalogue/lots/5E72F06770764ECC240B873045114510062B78F025CCF568A264D33228421384/1DAD09680FE122841B8E6C1F4CC703F8/fine-art-antiques-collectables-sale-2-days-lot-319/?action=4 Lot 319 Description: C. Jeffries 39 button concertina, 16cms diameter Estimate: £600 - £800 Condition Report: There does not appear to be any splits to the bellows, the leather has general wear all over, light scratching and scuffs to the wood, the buttons do not stick and all appear to be working well. Jake
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