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  1. Have a look here http://trillian.mit.edu/~jc/tmp/Tune084816.pdf regards Jake
  2. I see that you asked for help on this problem before - soo, no solution then??!! As I said in my last answer to you, my problem was that the wooden support was too close to the buttons which placed the air button 2 cm in front of the support - quite a good position. I have had the supports moved away from the buttons and a 'U' shaped depression cut into the support where my thumb goes . Thus the air button is now 3 cm in front of the support, I can still reach it with my thumb and my fingers can now reach the G row comfortably. I am puzzled how your thumb can be 1.5 cm out of reach?? I think moving the support closer for your thumb will make it more difficult for your fingers. If you could post a picture the exact problem might be clearer to us. regards Jake
  3. ************ Try David J. Leese at http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/concertinaman/catalogue.htm He has all sorts of spares. Jake
  4. Hi Lyndall My second concertina was a 30 button Stagi and I too had problems using the air button with my thumb. When I eventually compared my concertina with others I discovered that the straps were too close to the keys!! This meant that when my fingers rested comfortably on the keys the straps passed across my hand in front of my knuckles and my thumb was nowhere near the air button. If I had the straps behind my knuckles with my thumb over the air button then my fingers had to curl over too far to reach the keys. My solution was to buy another concertina. A Marcus. This, like other anglos has the straps one centimetre farther away from the buttons (than the Stagi) and I have no problems reaching the air button with my thumb. Jake
  5. That link is not quite correct!! Try stops instead of commas!! -- as http://cylinders.library.ucsb.edu/index.php Alexander Prince is famous!! Jake
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