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    I've decided (Jan '14) to back away from all this, or perhaps it backed away from me, but if you have a serious duet question feel free to pm me, and I'll reply when I notice it!

    Strictly Wheatstone ("Maccan") duet, which I came to from piano accordion and piano before that; I'm not particularly a folky, with ambitions to play all sorts of music. The repertoire goes from Tallis to the Beatles, although increasingly these days I'm leaning towards classical music.

    Three-wheeler sports cars as well; not at the same time. That's my 1934 Morgan in the picture, with Hawkes Bay (where I live) behind.

    Perhaps I'm drawn to any mechanical eccentricities, full stop!
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    Napier, New Zealand

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  1. Hallo Dirge are you OK.

    I still have your recordings how do you feel about them being used here on the Duet page with all the greats

    Best wishes 


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