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  1. Hello friends, yes the concertina is in remarkable condition and purchased from Greg jowaisas. I was concerned with salt air on the bellows and wood and reeds. All of your responses have been great. But I think I will keep the lachenal in door's. Greg worked really hard to get me this concertina and did me right.I would hate to ruin this concertina, Sounds like maybe a cheapy tina would be the answer for on the beach or on the wharf sea shanties. Thanks guys, Tom........
  2. Hello friends, I am lucky to live in a cottage on the beach in capitola california. The sand is 50ft from the front steps.I play a 1885 ish rosewood lachenal For inspiration I am thinking of bringing the tina out and sitting on the wharf and playing sea shanties how romantic to sit on the wharf and watch the boats playing home boys home. My concern is salt air is this a good idea or sit in the chair in front of the window inside the house and play. Any hints or ideas would be great. Thank you Tom
  3. Hello Don, reeds are steel, Bob Tedrow said they were the beter of the lachenal reeds, I can not due sound on computer, Thank you Tom
  4. Hello Friends, This is very hard for me to do but I have to sell my concertina due to a car accident my wife was in and medical bills are geting rough.I have a 32 key cg metal end Lachenal. Ser no....141730.I just had Bob tedrow do acompleate overhaull, New 7 fold bellows, repairs to bellow frames, correct loose glue joints, action board milled, replaced bellows frame leathers, new reed pan blocks, new reed pan leathers, new springs, new button bushings, new pads, new valves, shim reeds as needed, retune to standard pitch, clean original finish, new hand straps, and more...Total work invested..$1,300.00 This was done 2 months ago and as soon as I got it back I had Greg Jowaisas make me a custom hard case for it, cost $165.00. This concertina needs nothing, plays perfect and the case is great, also if you are a beginer I have all the tuders you need...niall valley cd rom...john williams irish concertina in dvd and vhs....seamans concertina by lark in the morning on dvd, all three books by mick bramich irish concertina, frank edgley anglo concertina w/cd ,bertram levy anglo concertina demystified w/tapes, david elliott mantenance manual and many more, So if your just starting this compleate package will start you off great . You get the perfect playing concertina with less than 5 hrs play time sience Bob fixed it, the new hard case by greg jowaisas and all the books and dvds for $2,500 or best offer. There are over $200.00 in books and dvds alone.....You need nothing, Ive sold a 20 key lachenal to a member here and hes very happy with it, Ihave some photos here Please ask questions, The only reason im selling is my wife is in bad shape and we need money for bills, Thank you c.net members......Tom Leahy I also have all paper work from Bob and greg for their work.
  5. Hello, Check with Bob Tedrow Of Tedrow Concertina's. He just put a 7 fold set on my c/g lachenal concertina and they play great! Tom
  6. Hello squeezers, Any Anglo players or teachers in or around the santa cruz california area ? Looking for people to get ideas and maybe insite on Irish anglo music. I am learning my basics now with a 32 key lachenal and interested in other players or teachers for practice or doing some work together.....Slainte, Tom
  7. Hello all, Ive been looking into getting a hard case for my lachenal anglo. I did research on several cases and looked at a lot of threads about cases and emailed Greg Jowaisas about his cases. After a quick response about his cases, I was sold. I did have a problem, he said it would take 2 weeks for shipment. I was leaving for vacation and wanted to take the concertina. I was leaving in 6 days. He said he would drop everything and get it done and ship before I left. And he did, I received the case just days after talking to him. The case is Great, very sturdy, I went with the blue velvet, The concertina fits perfect, and is very clean & well built! The handle is a very nice fit in the hand and the case is light. If anyone is looking for an aftermarket Travel hard case this is a great one....Here are some pic's Thanks Greg. -Tom Leahy
  8. Hello all, Eight months ago I walked into a pawn/used music store in the san Francisco area, and in shock walked out with a 1883 c/g metal ended 32 key Lachenal for $400.00. The bellows were shot, some reeds did not play,But it was all there and all mine. I got it home and pulled it apart and all reeds were present,springs and wood work looked good. So I called Bob Tedrow for the restoration of my new toy. The conversation was plesant and he explained everything in whole.Well six months later I got my Lachenal yesterday!!!! .Bob put on new 7 fold bellows, new pads,valves, felts,frame leathers, button bushings,retune and some other stuff she is wonderfull . Bob Tedrow took a very dirty, worn out lachenal and turned it into a great playing concertina. If any one needs work done, with out a doubt go see Bob,Great job, good price,and in a timely fashion. Im on my way to years of study and playing of Irish and sea shanty music!!!!! Slainte.....Tom Leahy
  9. [All, I have a 20 key lachenal c/g for sale. I purchased this from chris barleycorn 2 years ago.It has steel reeds,newer bellows-5 fold, and all pads, valves ect and reeds tuned.I have original recipet from chris barleycorn, I paid $550.00 But will sell it to a member for $500.00.It plays great and no problems.Way better than a china or cheap hohner.Serial no is .....107588.The ends are in great shape and hand straps are new.I learned the basics on this and had fun with it but have just got back my 32 key metal ended c/g after a compleate overhuall from Bob Tedrow. Again, great player , clean, loud and redy to play....Let me know.....Thank you Tom SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD............Thank you
  10. Hello there, Ive just purchased a 32key c/g metal end Lachenal.Besides getting new bellows and pads and valves the metal ends a alittle dull.The nickle is still good has not warn down to the brass .Just a slight patina and years of smudge.I saw in dave elliott's book not to use a polish that will hurt the keys, felts and wood.The keys are bone....Any thoughts of what to use? Thank you Tom
  11. Hello, Im looking for a used video of the seamans concertina on homespun video.If you have one and want to let it go email me with price..........Thanks Tom
  12. My first tune,wow feels like yesterday! Oh yea...it was.Ive only been playing for 4 months now but my first tune was Planxty Irwin.Cant wait for more....Slainte Tom
  13. Thank you for the input,I am also concerned about the model some lachenals were cheap like the low end mahogany ones compaired to the rosewood.This one the metal ends go all the way to the end covering the entire action box and the keys are bone not metal is this a cheap model of the metal lachenals.Thanks Tom
  14. Hello there, my first concertina is a 20 key 1870 c/g lachenal.Wanting a 30 key and saving and learning about concertinas, ive stumbled across a metal end 30 key lachenal c/g ser.no...141730 from a used music store.Here is what I saw, bellows need replacement,all bone buttons work and notes sound,will need new pads and valves reeds look good and reed pan dosent seem warped.It pays pretty good considering the gashes in the bellows.He wants $400.00 as is.What will the costs be for repad and valves and tune with new bellow be and who will do it.....Should I let it go or buy it as is and have it overhauled orrrrr....keep saving and buy one rebuilt allready from a concertina dealer...Anymore questions please ask,Thank you Tom
  15. Hello there, I am tempting to open up my c/g lachenal.Ive purchased the Elliott Maintenance Manual and ready to go.As I got to the reassambly section he mentioned gently roughing up the compressed gasket with a screwdriver to help it seal better for less air loss.I remember a post a month or so ago from someone loosing air in a lachenal and a member "keeper" responded..The best thing I did for my lachenal was roughing up the leather or somthing to help reseal the ends for better a better air seal.My lachenal is not very air tight if I do the upside down and let go test it takes 13 seconds for it to be fully open with 5 bellows.So anyway a do i just move the gasket around with a screwdriver or scrape the top not understanding the way to safely do this.Or any thing else to look for, Slante.......Tom
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