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  1. Hi Stuporman, I sent you a PM - I'd be interested.
  2. Thanks everyone, I'm in contact with Greg now. I'll also be sure to check out Button Box and the Facebook group as well! -Alex
  3. I'm in the market for a restored vintage concertina and was wondering if there are any websites similar to Barleycorn but based out of the U.S. Thanks! -Alex
  4. Jake and Fiddler - Thank you both! This is exactly what I needed to get me started on the right path - I'll take into consideration what was said about being able to cut through the group sound when playing in a session as well. I'll let you know what I end up going with once I've made a decision. Thank again!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm finally looking to upgrade my Mcneela Wren after a couple of years of playing on it. I'd really like to invest in something for the long haul, but even after doing some research I'm a little confused on what constitutes "hybrid" reeds from traditional concertina reeds. My current understanding is that hybrid concertinas use accordion reeds rather than traditional concertina reeds Do the sellers that offer "tipo a mano" mean that these are made in the traditional way? For instance, I see the Morse Ceili recommended quite a bit - is this still a hybrid concertina? If not, are there any makers that still offer reeds in the traditional way, or is this exclusive to vintage concertinas from makers like Lachenal? Thank you! Alex
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