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  1. Thanks for all those great tips! That is so helpful! I got a 20-key Anglo concertina a few years ago and it's such a fun little instrument. I got your Easy Anglo 1-2-3 book at the same time. At first, I thought, I'll never get this, then I kept practicing and finally something clicked and I continue to get a little better as I practice. I also have your Civil War, Christmas, and Sea Songs concertina books. Drunken Sailor is one of my favorites to play. My husband plays with me on the mandolin. Thanks again for all the great tips! Lucy
  2. Thanks, Gary, I understand. I can figure out the melody of those songs but it's the accompaniments (the left hand) that sometimes vexes me. And yes, I love your books and your arrangements!
  3. I have really been enjoying learning songs/tunes from Gary Coover's books. I was wondering if Gary might consider doing a book of some traditional French songs like "La Vie en Rose" by Edith Piaf and "La Mer" (Somewhere beyond the sea), etc. Another suggestion is campfire songs like You Are My Sunshine, This Land is Your Land, . . . Lucy
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