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  1. I love this! I am drawn to the concertina because it reminds me a little of the harmonica my Dad played while I was growing up in the Arizona desert. This piece is evocative of western movie sound tracks, and the pairing with the poem works beautifully. Lovely, thank you!
  2. Hello, is this still available? I'm thinking probably not but if it is I would be interested.
  3. I'm sorry i re-read the description and see the it is a Professional. If you still have it I am definitely interested. I will PM you.
  4. Hello, is this still available? Is it the Professional model? I am interested. . .
  5. I am somewhat interested. How long have you had the instrument, and has it been played much? Are you the original owner?
  6. I am in California, by the way.
  7. I have a Wren I am thinking of selling in about a month if you can wait.
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