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  1. Sorry, I just meant to say "under current ownership". I sure do hope somebody purchases the business and the instruments continue. -Dan
  2. When I ordered my R. Morse & Co. Beaumont in January, I had no idea I'd be purchasing one of the last Hayden Duets made by The Button Box. I haven't had it a long time but I'm thrilled with it. Best of luck Doug, in all that you do. -Dan
  3. I've also used Sheet Music Scanner for iOS with reasonable success. It's not perfect - it doesn't read in / interpret chord symbols and sometimes misses notes (occasional half notes due to them being "hollow") during the OCR from a photo - but for a one-time charge of $3.99, it allows for unlimited exports to MusicXML which I can then import into EasyABC. It saves a lot of time just having to make minor tweaks / additions rather than keying in an entire fake book song. -Dan
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