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  1. I don't think i'll be able to use the concertina emulators since i don't own an apple device that will allow me to do so. But thank you so much for sharing the Plug-in. I really appreciate it. This will allow me to get started right away. Also playing in different keys to might not be a problem since it will be in the digital domain. Nonetheless i will get a concertina at some point. It seems like a wonderful sweet sounding instrument and i want to experience the joy of holding the instrument in my hands and playing it.
  2. I wasn’t familiar with the Jeffries but i used the following for my reference : https://www.concertina.info/tina.faq/images/finger2.htm Comparing it with the Hayden it does seem a bit more complicated because of how the notes are placed on the buttons. But i guess once you start playing something new,it takes a while before you get the hang of it. I was concerned about being able to play accompaniment. Thank you for pointing out that it has a a lot of flexibility in that area.
  3. I was hoping to chat up with a guitar player who also plays the concertina. Thank you RAc !! You’ve provided me with some useful insight. Concertina seemed like a complex instrument when i first heard about it but now that you’ve pointed out so many similarities with the guitar it doesn’t seem as intimidating anymore. What you said in the last line really helped get some clarity on what kind of system would be comfortable for me. i did print out the different systems on a piece of paper and found that compared to the other systems i would prefer the Hayden. It seems fairly easy for my brain to remember where the notes are placed.
  4. The concertina is an expensive instrument. I wanted to get an instrument that was as versatile as possible since i wouldn't be getting another one anytime soon. I am primarily a guitar player but i do play a bit of keys and a few other string instruments. I am also a music producer and i work with different singers from time to time. I am not too familiar with the music that is supposed to be played on a concertina. I wanted to use it as a tool to spice up my productions with my ear leading me to play parts that sound sweet with whatever i make.
  5. Thank you Don ! This gives me some clarity on Key centres of concertinas. Earlier i had my mind set on getting an Anglo since most of the videos i saw of somebody playing with accompaniment were done on an Anglo. But the more i talk to different concertina players and read about this instrument, it seems like Duets are slightly more versatile when it comes to playing in different keys. Although I still need some time to process all this information since it's all very new to me.
  6. Alright. This gives me a sense of relief. i guess i need to dig a little deeper to find what suits me best.
  7. I see !! That's a whole lot of experience. I'm not as experienced as you but i do play a few instruments and have a fair understanding of music theory. From what i can understand each type of concertina comes with it's set of pro's and con's and it boils down to one's preference at the end of the day. Could you please answer my question about the 41 key Crane duet ?
  8. Would a Duet be easier to play compared to the Anglo ? My main purpose of getting a concertina is to be able to play chords along with melodies by myself or to accompany a singer maybe. If i get a 41 key Crane Duet will it serve my purpose ?
  9. This was a fun way to analyse this issue. Although after reading this i think i'll be getting the Anglo Concertina. On second thought i might get a banjo as well
  10. Thank you David. You've given me much needed clarity on this subject. I'm still not sure about what kind of concertina i should get,but it's safe to say that i wouldn't want to get an English Concertina. I am leaning towards getting an Anglo. Although the Duet also seems like an interesting option the way you described them. Could you elaborate a bit more on what you said about the Duets being more versatile than the Anglos ?
  11. Hello Everyone ! The Concertina is a very new instrument to me. I recently started reading up about it and was hoping to learn some more. I understand there are three different types of Concertinas out there namely the English,The Anglo and the Duet. I'd like to play Melodies along with some chords as accompaniment. What kind of concertina would you guys recommend i go for ? Please keep in mind i'd like to get an instrument that allows me to play in all keys.
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