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  1. This event is coming right up. Spaces are still available. I have attended Piper’s Gathering several times with my wife the piper. It is a great group of people, great venue. I am excited to have the chance to participate this year with a terrific concertina teacher.
  2. John Williams, Anglo Concertina player extraordinaire, will be teaching and performing (and sessioning!) at the 2022 Pipers’ Gathering, August 19-21, Wisdom House, Litchfield, CT. Every year the Pipers’ Gathering features one or two auxiliary instruments complementing the bellows-piping focus, and we are so fortunate this year to see this master of the concertina featured. Many know John as a founding member of the groundbreaking super group Solas. Beyond Solas, he has become internationally regarded as a foremost player of Irish music and has been engaged for countless productions from studio to stage to screen. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, (his father came from Doolin, Co. Clare) John has five All-Ireland titles to his credit. He is the only American-born competitor ever to win first place in the Senior Concertina category, and is also an expert player of the flute, button accordion, bodhran, andpiano. John has taught at the International Concertina Convention in Ennis, County Clare as well as at the Russell Brothers Festival in Doolin, County Clare – both paradises for lovers of traditional music. And as one of the heartbeats of the Chicago Irish music scene, John teaches regularly on a private basis and performs hundreds of events per year. At the Pipers’ Gathering, John will be offering concertina classes for all levels, private one-on-one lessons, and will also be offering a workshop. (workshop topics will be found on the website: www.pipersgathering.org). He has a masterful insight into teaching older techniques as well as contemporary developments on the concertina. What a great opportunity this will be for concertina players of any age or level, and you can bet the sessions are going to be fantastic at the Pipers’ Gathering this year as well! Information on the Pipers’ Gathering, the venue, lodging & meals, schedules, and most importantly – registration – will be found at: www.pipersgathering.org
  3. Gentry, I began with a Rochelle in April having never even held a concertina before. I tried to rent one to try it out through the Button Box but at that time none were available. So I bought one from Concertina Connection and loved it. I played it an hour or two or more every day and made good progress. In June I found a used Kensington and bought it. It is fantastic, and I can play way beyond anything I could do on the Rochelle. The bellows on the Rochelle are slow. BUT, it allowed me to test the waters, to see that I could not only play it but enjoy it, and to learn. I was fortunate to find and afford the Kensington, and I would never have bought it without having the Rochelle first. So, if you are interested, I have a Rochelle in a soft case with 50 days of use on it (perhaps 100 hours). You can buy it for $275 (about $200 less than I paid with shipping) plus shipping from Maine at cost. Price includes a donation to this site. PM me if you are interested. John
  4. I have a Rochelle. Purchased in April. Played quite a bit for 50 days before I upgraded. In Maine. $375 plus actual shipping. john
  5. I have a Rochelle. (Not a 2). Purchased in April. Played quite a bit for 50 days before I upgraded. In Maine. $375 plus actual shipping. John
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