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  1. I would love to get my hands on anything with more than 46 buttons, so if Ed needs a tester or someone to be his first customer, put me on that list! It seems unlikely that I'll find a Beaumont at this point. 70 buttons sounds interesting!
  2. Agreed, this is 100% confirmed to be a scam now. When I brought up the fact that the pictures were copied from the Button Box's website, he said he would send new pictures of the Beaumont in his possession. He then proceeded to send me pictures taken directly from this old thread:
  3. I think I've more or less determined this seller to be a scam. Good thing I didn't send any money. I'll list out what happened so that others don't get scammed. - This morning I received a message on concertina.net from the user darrenmorrison001 who has their profile activity hidden. This user gave me the contact info for Kenneth Krom, the proposed seller of a Beaumont. - I emailed Kenneth Krom about the Beaumont, and he replied with pictures of the item. These pictures were exactly identical to the pictures on the Button Box's website. - I negotiated the price and he accepted my first offer. He then sent me Zelle and Venmo information. Looking at his Zelle profile, the name was completely different. Then I looked at his Venmo profile and it was also completely different. It was for some sort of West African dance company. So just wanted to let anyone know, that if you receive a message from darrenmorrison001 or are asked to do business with Kenneth Krom (using either of these emails kenneth.krom@aol.com or lewisforeveryoung25@outlook.com) then it is most likely a scam.
  4. So as a follow-up to my post about wanting to buy a Beaumont, I may have found a seller by the name of Kenneth Krom in Indiana. Can anyone vouch for or confirm this seller? I'm just a bit nervous and don't want to lose a couple thousand dollars.
  5. For the right hand: I would say to add the E and keep the D# since those who are used to the standard 46 layout would be use to having it. For the left hand: I like the addition of the lower F, G, and A, but I wouldn't want to sacrifice the B4. In my opinion, I would go for an increased range rather than adding the Ab.
  6. Just for my own understanding, the current Beaumont notechart shows 52 buttons, with 23 on the left and 29 on the right. So this new 55 button Hayden that is in the works would add 2 notes to the left and 1 to the right?
  7. I'm looking for something with more buttons than the standard 46 layout. Unfortunately the Peacock has less. How many buttons would this 3D printed concertina ideally have? (This sounds really interesting by the way!)
  8. Hello everyone, This is my first ever post on concertina.net and I am relatively new to the world of concertinas (been playing for a little less than a year). I started with the Elise from Concertina Connection and am looking to upgrade now that I've somewhat got the hang of it. My ideal instrument would be the Beaumont from R. Morse & Co. but I was saddened to hear that they are no longer in production. If anyone has a used Beaumont that they are willing to part ways with, I would be very eager to purchase it from you!
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