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  1. Hello,


    No questions to ask but I wanted to share a small success! My s.o. received a Scholer Eb/Bb anglo as a gift from his mom some time ago and has recently picked it up in hopes of the two of us playing together. The old girl was in rough shape: quite out of tune, missing most of its valves on the one side and the hand straps were ~2-3x larger than his hands, making playing awkward and uncomfortable. I did a lot of reading on these forums (squeezeboxes of any kind were quite unfamiliar to both us), which gave me the confidence to open her up.


    Replacement valves finally arrived and I finished replacing the visible valves and the hand straps with much success! The zinc (I believe) reed plates are glued down so I wasn't able to replace all the valves as I don't want to risk the instrument while it's his only concertina. Similarly, not much an amateur can do about the tuning - especially since I can see evidence that the reeds have been tuned quite a bit before. Most likely they would need total replacement, but we've already started some research into better concertinas (and probably not Eb/Bb either).


    I just wanted to share my little success story and how much fun I had learning about and repairing this concertina. Once it's not his only one, I am itching a bit to see if I can take the whole thing apart and put it back together, but we'll see...





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