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  1. Thanks so much Ciaran and Richard. I have been in contact with someone here in Ireland so I'll pursue this avenue first as it can be seen, played etc. in person. This forum has been so helpful! Thanks again, Trish
  2. That's great information, thank you so much. I'm in Ireland, but I'll follow up on some of those UK suggestions too. Thanks again!
  3. Hi JimR, Thanks for your reply. Sorry about that- I tried using Photobucket for the first time!🙈 Hopefully these are more helpful.. Trish
  4. Hi all, I have inherited a Wheatstone Concertina and am hoping to get it valued in order to sell it on. Serial number can be seen in photo attached, it seems to date from 1948-1950. This forum seems very active so I'm hoping someone here could point me in the right direction! Thanks so much, Trish
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