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  1. Yes, the eyes give you the option of using a strap like in the video posted.
  2. It's a standard 48 key treble. So I believe the lowest note is the G below middle C.
  3. Hey folks, I've updated the listing with the corrected date and serial number. It's possible I mis-remember but I swear the folks at the button box told me it was made in 1951.
  4. Hey Ivy, I sent you a message through the forum.
  5. Dropped the price to $1,600. Would love to find a good home for this instrument!
  6. 1965 Wheatstone 48 Button English concertina. Bought from The Button Box last year. Was completely overhauled, new bellows. Bought it intending to learn concertina, there's just not enough time in the day. Would love someone to have it who can appreciate it. Located in South Carolina. Happy to answer questions. $1,500 Serial Number: 36826 -Jim
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