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  1. Hi there, I live in the PNW. Is this still for sale? Thanks, Scott.
  2. You can play almost all Irish tunes with this setup:
  3. Hi, I'd advise against the Wren. It was my first concertina, and I think other companies offer a better product for the price. Stagi and Rochelle look good, but I haven't tried them. My second concertina was/is a Baritone C/G by Morse (Button Box) and it's incredible! I'd highly recommend them, but it might be out of your price range. Keep in mind that in many cases you can sell a good used instrument for the same price you purchased it, provided you didn't use it much. All the best, Scott.
  4. Hi there, Would you ship to Canada? I'm interested in the 30 key Anglo Lachenal you have. Is it still available? Could you send a video of it being played? Thanks, Scott.
  5. Hi there, I live in Richmond and could meet you anywhere around the Lower Mainland/Interior if you'd like! I've been playing the McNeela Wren for a year and am looking for an upgrade! The baritone sounds amazing!! Let me know, Scott.
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