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  1. Hi Stephen, Thanks for your reply. From the serial numbers quoted in John Constable's thread, it looks like about 865 Lachenal concertinas were made each year between 1910 and 1926, so mine is probably about eleven months older than yours, ie early 1925. One of the reeds always sounds and there are a few leaks in the bellows. I will purchase a copy of David Elliott's book before I take the ends off. It looks as though these posts should be in John Constable's thread - is there a moderator who could do this? Best wishes and thanks Andrew
  2. I have just acquired a twenty button Lachenal & Co concertina. It is labelled Steel Reeds and the serial No is 196122. It has a leaky bellows and one note always sounds, so it needs a bit of repair, as does its case, which has been forced open at some stage. I would be grateful for info on its Date of Manufacture. I have attached a photo. Is the woodwork rosewood?
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