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  1. For sale 1921 Wheatstone English concertina . Once again I am by no means an expert in concertina's so any help would be appreciated. (Thanx again Wolf). Model 6 Wheatstone , 6 fold. Offers welcome . Instrument is in South Africa where I live . Willing to video call if necessary and more pictures available on request.
  2. Hi Wolf. Thanx for the info I really appreciate it. Yes it's actually in really nice condition apart from the washers , one or two were overtightened so they just put washers in all of them. But it sounds great otherwise. And once again thanx for the info, hopefully I get a good price and it goes to a good home . Regards. Steve.
  3. Wheatstone concertina for sale. 1x 30 key SOLD!!! 1x 48 key English . 1921 Wheatstone concertina 48key English concertina . I am open to offers. Willing to video call if necessary. The instrument is in South Africa (where I live). I am not an expert in these instruments by any means , so any info would be appreciated. I have no set price so I will look at offers. Will send more pics on request .
  4. Also please let me know if there's anything else I could add to this .
  5. Hi Richard yes absolutely . I Aldo forgot to mention the 30 key also has a dead note .
  6. Hello everyone please excuse my ignorance/lack of knowledge, but I am looking at selling two Wheatstone concertinas but I have no idea of value. Or even the best place to sell them . I'll attach some photos and hopefully someone can help with some info . The instruments are in South Africa so absolutely any information would be greatly appreciated, thanx in advance . Regards . Stephen Swanepoel.
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