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  1. Thank you Richard, I appreciate your time and thought.  What I am wanting is where that particular is located on the treble clef, or musical notation.


    Thank you Alex.  the instrument I have is a Stagi, Wheatstone.  But the layout you sent seems very close.


    blessings, to all


  2. May I indulge you once more?  As I mentoned back there, I have 30 button G/D anglo.  Where can I go to see what notes on the musical steaff apply to each key/button?  I can read music, a little, and want to be able to see the musical notation and play the simple melody of songs.

  3. Is the C key row the same on all C instruments.  Or, is the G row on a C/G instrument the same as the G row on a G/D instrument?  How much note/pin variance is there between different instruments with the same Wheatstone layout?  I have two printed layouts, both Wheatstone, and the first D key for left hand says it is F# over A and the other says it is F# over E.  Just asking but for a NOOB it seems confusing.  thanks

  4. Wow!  Thank you all so much!  I got the G/D because I thought if I ever learned to play some tunes they were, a lot, in G or D and if I every sang, fok songs or hymns,  those keys seemed comfortable.  And there is also the added point, I just did it without a tremendous amount of thought.  The tab systmes I will look at and see how they fit when I get the instrument.  I have also tried harmonicas over time and use the harmonic tab some and the relation to that seems to help me pictue in my mind what I am doing.  Anyway, thanks for the input and I look forward to the journey!  Blessings

  5. I have been  playing stringed instruments (mandolin, guitar and old time banjo) for years but have also been captivated by the concertina.  I have decided, at my late age, (I really like learning stuff) to give it a try.  I have a Stagi, anglo, 30 key G/D on its way to me and I have been trying to learn all I can from reading and searching the network and this forum.  How does standard music notation apply?  Is there a chart that shows the standard notation as it applies to each of the keys? Can one use standard notation melody lines and apply it to playing the concertina? I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on how best to proceed and begin the process of learning the concertina.  Blessings,



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