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  1. Reviving an old post, but over a year ago I transcribed @Timv's playing, did a few tweaks of my own, and uploaded my score to MuseScore. But in the end I never got around to making a recording. Re-visited it again recently, did a few more tweaks, and got a recording of my own. @Smcd I know it's been over 2 years, but if you're still interested in the sheet music it is linked below.

    Have a great day everyone!



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  2. I learnt about Stan Rogers via The Dreadnoughts, and The Dreadnoughts via the concertina.


    Was looking for how some of the shanties in Gary Coover's book should sound, and found the Dreadnoughts had versions of Fire Marengo, Paddy Lay Back, Whup! Jamboree, etc. Listened to more and really enjoyed their version of Northeast Passage before realising it wasn't their original song.

  3. Really nice rendition. Never heard of this song, but I shall have to look it up now.

    I grew up just over the river in Maryculter (early 90's to late 00's) back before the bypass and when the Old Mill Inn was still standing. My partner grew up in Peterculter.

    It's a small world.

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  4. When @Samuel Chapman approached me for my help (and not knowing anything about the song he was working on or show it was from), I found myself whistling it for days after. I became enamoured and also wanted to pursue a version, so I double checked it was ok with Samuel first (he approached me for help with the song, I didn't want to take anything away from him).

    To ensure I wasn't stepping on Samuel's toes, I approached it in a different key; going a semitone up into Dm/D, instead of C#m/C#. These keys are much easier for harmony with a C/G Anglo, and although not in the original key still sounds fairly similar.

    Big thanks again to Sam, whom I never would have known of this song's existence without.



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  5. I played Accordion for 2-3 years back in 2008, stopped playing during Uni. Got really bored during lockdown here in the UK (I also got into 3D printing and slingshoting over the same period due to boredom), and eventually gravitated towards the concertina. I knew they had existed for years and was mildly interested, but the cost put me off. 2021 I had a job and could afford a cheap one, I was reminded they existed playing Sea of Thieves during lockdown with friends, and bought a cheap Scarlatti 30 button C/G. It weren't great, but it got me hooked. The size was far easier to pickup and play than the accordion, so I found myself playing it more. Plus I've always been a fidgeter, and as @Cathasach mentioned it doubles as a great finger fidget toy.


    After 6 months I began hitting walls with the limitations of the cheap concertina, and began saving for a better one. In 2022 I bought a Marcus Music concertina, and have been having a blast since.

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  6. Taking inspiration from Łukasz Martynowicz who arranged a version on the Hayden duet, who in turn took inspiration from a version on the Bandoneon. Liked the sound so much that I attempted to get a version working for the Anglo Concertina.

    Sadly my concertina does not have a low D, and so the initial 'Oom-pah-pah-oom-pah' sections use a higher D on the last 'oom'. If you have a lower D, can probably easily substitute it in here. This song was easier to arrange than it was to play; there are some quite unusual and difficult finger positions on the left hand. All in all, happy with the arrangement, it keeps the key and rhythm of the original.


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  7. Been arranging two songs for the concertina, both from indie movie soundtracks.

    Think I'm happier with Laura's theme than Stuck on the Puzzle. Wanted to do Emily's Theme as well, but it wasn't sounding quite right on a concertina.

    Most of the main characters in Brick have a theme for when they're on screen. Laura's theme is one of my favourites.

    Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame did Stuck on the Puzzle, along with the rest of the Submarine soundtrack. All acoustic stuff, well worth a listen.

    Stuck_on_the_Puzzle_(Intro).pdf Laura's_Theme.pdf

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  8. Spoooooky season is upon us, and for the occasion I have done an arrangement of Vampire Killer from the Castlevania game series.

    It gets a bit hairy-scary around bars 5 and 6. My concertina does not have a low D (D3), so D4 is as low as I can go there on the bass. If you have a D3, I'd suggest swapping to that during this part, it will sound more coherent with the bars 1-4. The beginning of bar 6 in general just requires too much in too many different directions (G#, F and B♭), but it sounds alright if you play if fast enough.


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  9. If this is the song here, I think it's gonna be way too hard to attempt: https://musescore.com/user/7150911/scores/5618012


    The song is jumping all over the place in terms of keys; starting in Eb, then Gb, then E, G, Bb, A, back to Gb, Eb, Gb, E, G, then Gb again. If it had stayed in one key, like Gb, I'd have suggested transposing the key to C and trying from there. To me, the song looks and sounds well beyond what a 30 button Anglo can achieve.


    Edit: that's not to say it's impossible, but it's gonna take a lot of time and dedication, and you will have to compromise a lot on the harmony I think.

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