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  1. Another video game classic tune, from the Game Boy games that started it all. Nothing too difficult to play here. Some of the F chords are lacking the F and more heavily on the C, but it's due to bellows direction constraints. Sheet music coming shortly! PokemonOpening.pdf
  2. Taking inspiration from Łukasz Martynowicz who arranged a version on the Hayden duet, who in turn took inspiration from a version on the Bandoneon. Liked the sound so much that I attempted to get a version working for the Anglo Concertina. Sadly my concertina does not have a low D, and so the initial 'Oom-pah-pah-oom-pah' sections use a higher D on the last 'oom'. If you have a lower D, can probably easily substitute it in here. This song was easier to arrange than it was to play; there are some quite unusual and difficult finger positions on the left hand. All in all, happy with the arrangement, it keeps the key and rhythm of the original. The_Last_Waltz,Oldboy.pdf
  3. Been arranging two songs for the concertina, both from indie movie soundtracks. Think I'm happier with Laura's theme than Stuck on the Puzzle. Wanted to do Emily's Theme as well, but it wasn't sounding quite right on a concertina. Most of the main characters in Brick have a theme for when they're on screen. Laura's theme is one of my favourites. Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys fame did Stuck on the Puzzle, along with the rest of the Submarine soundtrack. All acoustic stuff, well worth a listen. Stuck_on_the_Puzzle_(Intro).pdf Laura's_Theme.pdf
  4. Spoooooky season is upon us, and for the occasion I have done an arrangement of Vampire Killer from the Castlevania game series. It gets a bit hairy-scary around bars 5 and 6. My concertina does not have a low D (D3), so D4 is as low as I can go there on the bass. If you have a D3, I'd suggest swapping to that during this part, it will sound more coherent with the bars 1-4. The beginning of bar 6 in general just requires too much in too many different directions (G#, F and B♭), but it sounds alright if you play if fast enough. VampireKiller-Castlevania.pdf
  5. A game from my childhood, with quite a nice theme song. Damn C#s on melody with F# chords on harmony! Animal_Crossing_Wild_World_Title_Theme__Kazumi_Totaka_Anglo_Concertina.pdf
  6. "Bayyyybehhh!" A classic, and it does work on the ol' Anglo Concertina. Nothing too difficult about the arrangement, and just a good fun song to play. I also learnt that SEALs real name is Henry Samuel, after looking on Wikipedia and thinking that SEAL didn't actually write the song... they're the same guy XD Kiss_from_a_Rose.pdf
  7. I really enjoyed the album as a whole, but The Blaskets was my favourite. Wanted to play it myself, but also to get the lovely, haunting harmony that comes from the original. Here's my attempted arrangement. The_Blaskets.pdf
  8. I am not sure what that format is, nor am I the creator of the sheet music I linked, so I also can't access the original Musescore file. Sorry I can't be of more help
  9. If this is the song here, I think it's gonna be way too hard to attempt: https://musescore.com/user/7150911/scores/5618012 The song is jumping all over the place in terms of keys; starting in Eb, then Gb, then E, G, Bb, A, back to Gb, Eb, Gb, E, G, then Gb again. If it had stayed in one key, like Gb, I'd have suggested transposing the key to C and trying from there. To me, the song looks and sounds well beyond what a 30 button Anglo can achieve. Edit: that's not to say it's impossible, but it's gonna take a lot of time and dedication, and you will have to compromise a lot on the harmony I think.
  10. Transposed from the playing of Toru KATO (also on YouTube), with a few tweaks here and there to the harmony. TownWithAnOceanView,A-KikisDeliveryService.pdf
  11. Sounds a bit like Hushabye Mountain in my opinion. But that's not a bad thing! A piece of music I really enjoy listening to, and was very satisfying to play. Lots of awkward chords to walk down with the left hand in this piece. Surprisingly still doable on a 30 button anglo though. MiphasTheme-BreathOfTheWild.pdf
  12. I'm using a program called MuseScore3, with a plugin for adding Gary Coover Tablature (https://github.com/schult/anglo-tab). The plugin gets me 70% of the way there, and then I have to add all of the solid and dashed lines manually
  13. He's Strong, he's bold, and on a quest for gold! The best sea cap' around, or so I'm told! A real man of the sea! Another arrangement from Zelda I'd like to share with you today. Really happy with getting the "descending notes" parts going alongside some held notes (at 0:03 and 0:41). Some really awkward finger positions for this one too. Hope you like it. LinebecksTheme-PhantomHourglass.pdf
  14. Misread this as "Snortin' Bread". Very different connotations XD
  15. Dovahkiin, dovakhiin, naal ok zin los vahriin! A really fun, high energy song to play. Very happy with how this one came out. A song that brings back memories of my early Uni days. The game this song is from has been remastered and released consistently for the last 10-12 years on all major consoles, and as such the song itself is quite well known among the right crowd. Hope you enjoy, and I appreciate it if you take the time to give it a listen :) Dragonborn-Skyrim.pdf
  16. A catchy little tune. Not the same as Scumm Bar from the first game (The Secret of Monkey Island), but equally as good. Scumm_Bar_EFMI.pdf
  17. The only bit I remember being awkward was the Db, but like you say it still sounds alright. Bar 22 I remember getting a bit hairy, cause the notes are getting into the really low octave, and the harmony also has to get low (too low I think, but you gotta get used to compromise with a 30 button Anglo).
  18. Dun du-dun dun! Dun du-dun! Surprisingly playable on the ol' Anglo. I still find it challenging to get those fast bass parts each sounding clear; I'm not fast enough, and it all sounds kind of muffled sadly. As always, sheet music attached with Gary Coover's tablature system. Indiana_Jones.pdf
  19. Here's a recording I did of this arrangement recently:
  20. All rise for the New Zealand National Anthem! The_Shire-Anglo_Concertina.pdf
  21. As it turns out, I've done a recording of Concerning Hobbits (The Shire) just recently. My video will be up on YouTube tomorrow, along with the sheet music on MuseScore. It's an Anglo Concertina, not English, but you might still be interested
  22. Papers, please! Cause no trouble! Glory to Arstotzka! Game synopsis: "In Papers, Please, the player takes on the role of a border-crossing immigration officer in the fictional dystopian Eastern Bloc–like country of Arstotzka, which has been and continues to be at political hostilities with its neighbouring countries. The game takes place at a migration checkpoint. As the immigration officer, the player must review each immigrant and return citizens' passports and other supporting paperwork against an ever-growing list of rules using a number of tools and guides. Tasks include allowing in those with the proper paperwork while rejecting those without all proper documents, detaining those with falsified information, and balancing personal finances." A very interesting game; trying to balance following the law with paying your families expenses, trying to help those in need, potentially letting in criminals if it means your family can survive another day, and avoiding the jackboot of the government. Sticks with you after playing for a long time. The theme itself is very marching, almost monotonous, representing the daily grind of the ultra-bureaucratic regime the player is living under. Papers,_Please.pdf
  23. Drink up me hearties, yo ho! Not exactly an "interesting" arrangement; I played it with power-chords from almost beginning to end, not too much going on with the left hand. Still good fun though, and full of energy! Attached the sheet music for those interested, using Gary Coover's tablature system. Sheet music is also available here: https://musescore.com/user/37659330/scores/11384338 He's_a_Pirate.pdf
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