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  1. Thank you to all who replied to my question. Your answers are very helpful in ensuring accuracy for what I am creating. For those who may be interested, you will find below a link to my website, which gives more information about the project and another to my Kickstarter campaign. Please feel free to share these links as broadly as you wish.


    Website: www.spilmusicapps.com





  2. Hello,


    I am creating an app to help music students learn their instruments and concertinas are part of this project. As I know relatively little about these instruments, I'm looking for some expert advice, particularly on the 30-button Anglo Concertina in G/D. 


    Scientific notation refers to notes in letter/number format. A0 is the lowest note a piano can play. A1 is one octave higher than that. C8 is the highest note a piano can play. A piano can play all notes between A0 and C8, so it is fully chromatic. Written in this format, here are all the notes (from lowest to highest) that a 30-button Anglo Concertina in C/G can play: 



    Can anyone provide me with the same information for an Anglo Concertina in G/D?


    And, just to confirm, music for English, Anglo and Duet concertinas is written using both the treble and bass clefs, correct?


    Thank you for any help you can provide.






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