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  1. Im just wondering if anyone has seen anglo concertina sheet music for the song bosun bill from sea of thieves. I know gary coover arranged Grogg Mayles which is amazing but Bosun bill is my favorite song from sea of thieves so I just want to know if anyone knows of sheet music suitable for the anglo concertina. Thanks
  2. Thanks I actually just realized this song is in your book which I bought lol thanks anyway you are a legend.
  3. Wow I guess I accidentally skipped that page, thanks
  4. Holy shit so upon further inspection I realized I'm a dumbass and didn't see the notes above the staff I was expecting a separate staff lol but I have one more question, what are the numbers above and below the staff?
  5. I've been trying to find some sort of sheet music to learn this song for awhile and I keep seeing videos of people learning it but I have no idea how they're learning the chords. I got this pirate songs book on amazon that included the song inside but it was only the basic melody with no chords. I also found a musescore version of the sheet music but it was clearly not made for concertina so I can't really learn it from there. Does anyone know where I can learn this song? It's from sea of thieves it's called groggy mayles.
  6. Yeah I've never touched a single concertina except the one I currently own so I have no frame of reference at all for other types lol but thanks that's what I wanted to know.
  7. I have a rochelle concertina because I didn't have thousands to spend on a high end instrument and I am a beginner. I researched for awhile for a good starter concertina and everywhere I looked I was told that the rochelle was the best cheaper starter concertina because its not just a starter concertina and it can do anything that a high end concertina can do. So mu question is, why should I upgrade in the future? What makes a wakker concertina $2000 more than my current one?
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