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  1. Hi Petri!


    Is this a duet concertina? If so, I might be interested in purchasing it! However, I'd need to rely on others (who are more knowledgeable than I am) about how much it should cost. Also, I live in the United States, so is it something you'd be able to ship?


    Anyway, I'd be happy to chat more to see if this could be feasible, but if it doesn't work, that's fine too. Thanks in advance!


  2. 1 hour ago, JoachimDelp said:


    have you tried to cntact me ?

    I have been travelling ad could not attend my mail box, as I would hav e liked to do. and it semed t me that I have seen soeting, but cud find your message or ogically readit.

    Pleae epeat and f want : here is my mail address:




    Hi Joachim,


    Yes, I replied to the private message that you wrote me here on Tuesday, and just now I tried emailing you at the address above but it came back as "undeliverable." Are you able to see this reply here? I am still interested in a Stagi Hayden duet if you have one available!




  3. The title says it all!


    I recently missed out on purchasing a Stagi Hayden duet concertina on eBay, and thought I'd check here to see if anybody might be selling one. (I did see a handful of listings on here, but most were posted over 10 years ago.) Thanks in advance!

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