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  1. Thank you for the answers! I would like to gather a lot of information before I buy something and of course I know the saying that if you buy cheap, you buy twice. That's why I'm looking for information about which manufacturers offer reasonable concertinas. I'm not interested in the cheapest instruments made in China, possibly even made by children. I know the difference between Anglo, English and Duet, but I'm not yet sure which type of concertina suits what I like to play. What do I like to play: A few years ago I took clarinet lessons from a jazz musician. There I learned pieces like "Mack The Knife", "Fly me to the moon", "What shall I do with a drunken Sailor" etc. I enjoy such pieces. But I also love to play simple folk songs or children's songs and give them a little swing and occasionally sprinkle in a blue note (that will probably be difficult with an Anglo, right?). Right now I'm playing these things on a tinwhistle. (The clarinet was too difficult for me. I gave it up again). For this purpose I am looking for a suitable concertina that does not squeak like a cheap toy and does not dismantle into its individual parts after a few years. I am not yet sure, whether I can enjoy this new freedom. I'm the workhorse type Regards Bernhard
  2. Hello everyone, I'm Bernhard from Munich. I signed up for a new account today.I'm going to retire in a few days and have decided to learn a new instrument again. That should be good for the brain cells :) I play a few instruments, but not all of them very well. Most of the time I only play simple folk songs and traditional songs and only for myself at home. So I'm not that big of a musical talent. I want a concertina, probably an Anglo. I just wanted to ask which manufacturers offer usable beginners' concerts and which one should better stay away from. Are Mc Neela (Wren, Swan) Concertinas OK for a beginner? What is to be thought of Stagi? Are there any other manufacturers of usable entry-level concertinas? Here in Germany, 50 - 70 year old concertinas from the former GDR (Klingenthal) are often offered. What is to be made of it? I would appreciate a few opinions. Thanks and greetings from Munich
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