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  1. Thank you for this! I like to play Halloween music through November so I'll get to practicing this!
  2. Thank you everyone!! I'm so excited to try all of these. I'll try anything that works! I really appreciate it. My kids expect me to be proficient in this by Halloween.
  3. Hi, I'm completely new to reading music for a concertina. A long, long, time ago I could read guitar tablature but none of it is coming back when I read regular sheet music vs what I'm learning using Gary Coover's fabulous books. I have the sheet music for Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter. I've been struggling through to "translate" as it were or find the notes on my 30 button in relation to the notes in the sheet. It's daunting. I need some help, there are many sharps and flats in that piece🤦🏻‍♀️ Would someone be willing to help me through email or messages? I have the first section of the song down but once you get into all of the sharps and flats, I get lost. I can also post what I have and how I've transcribed it.
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