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  1. Is one better/easier to learn with than the other? And any pictures of the Arno? I really like the look of the Kapek and looks in great condition
  2. I’m in Cottage Grove, MN!
  3. Oh I replied to that one so it must've popped back up to the top...says it was posted in 2019 for me but I did a quick search for Chemnitzer in the forum here and saw it so thought I'd comment!
  4. Hello, is the Chemnitzer still available? I am looking for an entry level Chemnitzer to learn on...Thanks!
  5. Hello Everyone! This is my first post here but I've been reading the forums for a few months now! Anyways I am looking to buy an entry level Chemntizer concertina. Preferably not too expensive, I know lower end ones probably run somewhere around $500 plus...I've been looking for one for a good 4 months now and just haven't found anything really that is trustworthy...anyways if anyone has something they think would be a good starter please reach out! Thank you!
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