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  1. Don't forget the option of indoor sites. I have had great luck with a local bookstore that has a coffee shop in one corner. Of course, check with management first In that venue, tunes played quietly enough that the patrons can talk to each other comfortably seem to work the best. And consider this: the last Harry Potter book is coming out this summer. I made a respectable amount of money ($25) dressing up as one of the characters and playing (mostly) Irish tunes at my local Hastings bookstore during the release party for Book 6.
  2. I'm feeling much better today, thanks to some sleep, a nice cold bottle of Hornsby's and some Morris On. Not necessarily in that order.
  3. It's not a good sign when one's St. Patrick's Day gig leaves one craving massive doses of Advil. Some random observations from my afternoon at the First Annual St. Patrick's Day celebration as organized by the Cultural Affairs Committee in my out-in-the-middle-of-hell New Mexico town: *The new Catholic priest in town does know how to pronounce Samhain correctly. On the other hand, the Druids worshipped trees. *The step dancers were quite good, the older the better (age range: 7ish to 17ish.). I was most impressed with the older ones. *The gentleman who first called me and got me mixed up in this event really, I thought, piled on the suck-up a little thick over the phone: "oh, you're sooo good! You're a REAL musician" etc etc. Turns out he was only telling the truth. Which leads to... *<b>Very bad</b> faux Irish music sung very loudly and very off-key. I have seven words, and I am not kidding: "Grandma got run over by a leprechaun." Followed by that Irish standard, "The Unicorn Song." I am now sitting here at my lovely, lovely, home, waiting for the 4 Advil I took to kick in. I'm thinking about applying some alcohol later. There's already a Hornsby's in the fridge. In the meantime, I am here looking for tea and sympathy Just shoot me if I ever do this here again. Just shoot me. It will feel better. At least my concertina playing was pretty good...
  4. Nancy, Anything has to be better than rural eastern New Mexico (where we are now). I have been wanting to go to Goderich ever since I got my Edgley in 2004, and maybe even before then. I would love to meet Frank in person -- he's so nice on the phone! The really amusing part of this is I was born in Monroe forty-some years ago, and still have relatives in the Flint area. So tell me about your Edgley! Mine is a 24-button model, black with silver ends. I am a sucker for that "classic" look.
  5. Cross your fingers! My spouse had a telephone interview this morning with Kellogg Community College. Maybe I can join you for some of these Michigan playing opportunities some day soon!
  6. Hi Benny! I'm not Dan, but I think I can answer your question. I attended last year, and I will definitely be there again this year! All you have to do is: 1. Let Dan know you're planning to come and make arrangements to add to the collection to bring Jody Kruskal there. 2. Register for the Old Time Music and Dulcimer festival when you get to the school/museum in Palestine ($60) 3. The concertina players tend to hang out as a unit and attend all our own "workshops" together all the time. Heck, most of us even go to lunch and dinner together! Since we aren't 100% sure what workshops we're going to offer each other until we get there, there's nothing extra to register for I hope this helps, and I hope you can come! p.s. Dan -- did you send out the dots for Big Scioty and I just deleted it? Could you send or resend? Signed, the Problem Child
  7. Let us know when it arrives and how you're doing with it. Welcome aboard!
  8. Dan, Can we get an MP3 of Peekaboo Waltz? Edited to add: which shapenote book did you get the shapenote jpgs from? No matter what I do they are printing as thumbnails that I can't read. I was just going to use my "big red book."
  9. I'm so excited! Dan, when do you think the tunes will be ready for distribution?
  10. As a dog trainer myself, I will add: A well-exercised puppy is a tired puppy. A tired puppy is usually an unconscious puppy. An unconscious puppy is always a well-behaved puppy. I wish this worked as well for kids. My 2-year-old daughter wants to play concertina, too!
  11. Don't use a concertina for catapult ammunition. Your family and neighbors will want to do that enough without your suggesting it to them.
  12. Best wishes for good health, good wealth, and good squeezing in 2007 to my C-Net family. May our little corner of the internet continue to be a haven to all who love concertinas! Hugs all around, Rhomylly
  13. Becky, I hope we can meet sometime. I'm in eastern New Mexico and *may* be the closest C-Netter to you!
  14. Terra, You should also peruse the list of tutorial reviews on the site here. You will want to start off with a good one! Rhomylly
  15. I'm looking for a good second-hand case for my Wheatstone student English.
  16. Yes, Stephen, that is the discussion I meant. I'm working on an on-spec article for the new Pirates magazine.
  17. Because I would really like to use it in an article I'm working on.
  18. So did Wheatstone just invent the entire concertina from scratch or was he inspired by some bellowed instrument already in existence? I'm curious about the pre-history of the concertina as we know it.
  19. I have a Fallon case for my Edgley and I love it!!!! For those of you who don't know, I am a klutz, I have a 95-pound puppy in my home AND an overly-inquisitive toddler. The Fallon case will stand up to all that and more. And as soon as I can afford it, I'm getting another one for my Wheatstone. Custom-blocked, of course.
  20. I just noticed Jim hasn't been active on C-Net since October 25. Jim, are you okay?
  21. Maybe you should leave your case out in case someone wants to drop in money. Maybe that's what's throwing them! Congratulations chainyanker!!! Making enough $$ for coffee and a donut (or equivalent) is where it's at! I love busking, and look forward to living somewhere with more busking opportunities. But I'm also glad I don't have to rely on it for a living.
  22. I agree with Greg. I am thankful for this civilized little corner of the 'net, and for Paul and Ken for all their hard work keeping it that way.
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