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  1. Like I need to spend more time on FaceCrack than I already do. Sigh. I've signed up for a couple of them.
  2. Did y'all get hit with the bad thunderstorms? We were watching the Weather Channel last Saturday and saw the dark red spots on the radar pretty close to Palestine and I said, "Hmm. Isn't the Palestine Festival this weekend?"
  3. Yeah, Hohner never quite got the hang of making a decent concertina (although I'd buy a Hohner accordion in a New York minute). But remember, in the dark days before the existence of Rochelles, Hohner concertinas were the best "intro" options we had -- at least those of us who refused to go the toilet-seat-red-pearloid Chinese box route. Hope they didn't make you buy it because "you" broke the handstrap!
  4. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and colleagues. What a loss to the concertina community.
  5. Yeah, "The Naked Concertina" is gonna be a tough one to beat...
  6. Since it's on my Information Tech class syllabus, I'm reading a (actually fascinating) book called The Victorian Internet about the invention of the telegraph... When a very familiar name pops up from the page. Yes, that would be Mr. Charles Wheatstone. He really got around, didn't he?
  7. Que? Chris American slang for easily and thoroughly beating up another person in a fight. See also "beat the sh^t out of him". sorry about the finger, fiddlerjoebob Once, a few weeks before a concert, I hyperextended my right first finger by having it try to occupy the same space at the same time as my dog's head (see avatar). The dog was fine; I was in a splint for a week.
  8. This may be the final straw that prods me into joining Netflix...if Netflix makes it available.
  9. Good point, Robin. Dreek Jacobi, and it can't get national release???
  10. Maybe a little heavy-handed on the humor, even by American standards (in my opinion) but yeah, CD baby is a GREAT place to shop!
  11. I can't find any youtube clips, but do a web search for Mark Gilston. He plays Scandinavian tunes on a mountain dulcimer and his lovely Wheatstone EC (at least on his Troll Road CD he does!) He is also here on C-net as tradman.
  12. We've got just about 5 1/2 hours to go, here, but happy 2009 everybody!
  13. What a beautiful telling of what I'm sure was a stellar evening
  14. Hi Eric! There are a few good players in Kansas City, if you're near there, who might be able to offer some hands-on beginner advice.
  15. Daniel, that is just too cute an image!
  16. Aww, thank you! It's geared toward people who know next to nothing about concertinas and quite a bit about pirate re-enactment, but I thought that even though it's a bit "elementary" for the CNet crowd, some of my fellow squeezers might get a kick out of it.
  17. Roo, One thing you will never hear me say, or see me write, is "any idiot can play the guitar." Because I can't. Even with formal lessons and teachers and a chance to learn from scratch for a free college credit. But I can play concertina well enough for my own enjoyment and to sit in on a local session as my schedule permits. Just try that's all we're asking!
  18. Oh darn, I was about to ask you for a copy of English International for Christmas!
  19. The Snow White/Dwarves/Concertina scene can be found on youtube, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN1BegE3QR0 The "Whistle While You Work" bit takes up the first half of the clip.
  20. Other than I play Anglo, I am definitely in the minority!
  21. My choice came down to Edgley or Tedrow. I listened to the music files on both websites; both appealed to me. I would have been equally happy with either. What decided it for me was the 24-button option Edgley offered -- I have notably small hands, even for a female.
  22. I'm getting some of his other, older (and cheaper) recorders alto and, I think, soprano. I doubt I'll ever get good enough on recorder to merit a $200+ one.
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